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The History of Numberall’s Model 50P

Numberall Numbering Head Model 50P

Numberall’s Model 50P automatic numbering head represents the finest marking device in the industry for rapid and accurate consecutive numbering. Like many of our other marking devices, this model’s road to becoming a well-known device in the metal marking industry is unique. Numberall produced the first Model 50P in the fall of 1935, after many months of planning and engineering. The goal was to provide customers with a machine that could precisely and efficiently mark a number of materials consecutively with minimal effort from the operator.

One of the first Model 50Ps that came out of production was purchased by a company we still do business with today. In 1936 Ketchum Mfg., an identification tag manufacturer in Lake Luzerne, NY, bought the 13th Model 50P that was produced. Like Numberall, Ketchum is a multigenerational family-owned company. Mr. Hopping, one of Numberall’s employees who was in charge of producing the Model 50P at the time, made note of the sale to Ketchum Mfg. in the serial number pages seen below.

The History of Numberall’s Model 50P | Numberall Blog

Many years later we were able to obtain Ketchum Mfg.’s Model 50P, which they had modified over the years, to display in our archives.

The History of Numberall’s Model 50P | Numberall Blog

Numberall has manufactured thousands of Model 50Ps since the first production over 8 decades ago. Through the years, the 50P has been steadily improved to increase its effectiveness and usability for clients with various uses. For example, we added a pawl block to improve wheel alignment and operation. Each wheel is now one CNC-machined component, and the actuating pawl is CNC wire EDM machined. We’ve updated the machining methods of other Model 50P parts for smoother operation and less hand fitting. It is because of this commitment to quality and durability that we are still servicing numbering head units that are over 40 years old. 

Like all our machines, this model is built with heavy duty tool steel and is precision heat-treated for extensive usage over a long product life. Today’s Model 50P offers:

  • An ideal solution for rapid, accurate, consecutive marking
  • Precise wheel alignment
  • Zero suppression standard (to eliminate prefix zeros)

In addition, the Model 50P is compatible with a variety of optional equipment to increase its versatility, including hot stamping equipment for marking plastics. Numberall also offers custom applications for the Model 50P, such as an extended frame leg for a removable logo die, allowing for custom serialization.

After decades of producing and perfecting this model, you can be sure that the Model 50P is equipped for high quality marking for many years to come. If you’d like to learn more about the Model 50P, or request a quote for a custom application, please contact Numberall Stamp and Tool today.

Numberall Staff Spotlight: John French

For nearly 90 years, Numberall has provided custom stamping tools for clients around the globe. We attribute this longevity to our high-quality marking products and also to the hard work and commitment of our employees — some of whom have been working at Numberall for over three decades. Topping the list is John French, who is going on almost five full decades of employment with Numberall. To celebrate his achievements, we’ve dedicated this staff spotlight to John and his accomplishments.

Numberall Staff Spotlight: John French

John French began his 49 year career at Numberall in 1970. While John started out in a machine shop in Waterville, he soon found himself wishing to cut back on his commute. Numberall was closer, and the rest is history. Since 1970, John has held several positions at Numberall, getting his hands on nearly every piece of equipment Numberall has and developing a broad skill set. John has operated surface grinders, Blanchard grinders, milling machines, and drill presses, to name a few. This versatility, combined with a willingness to take on new tasks, has made John one of Numberall’s most valued employees. While day-to-day John works with a variety of machines depending on project needs, his favorite is the milling machine, where he gets to see products come to life through the old-fashioned processes he’s known and used his whole career. Above all else, John takes pride in making modern, high-quality products using tools such as these, and is always ready to overcome any challenge that comes his way.

Numberall Staff Spotlight: John French
Staff Spotlight: John French | Numberall Blog

As the longest-standing Numberall employee, John has seen many changes in the building and operations, as well as three generations of Bayerdorffer leadership. However, he isn’t in poor company — many Numberall employees have been with our team for 35 years or more, creating a tight-knit team that feels like a family. This feeling of “togetherness” is one reason that John has dedicated almost 50 years to working at Numberall. He says that working at Numberall is a true team effort — working together to understand projects and meet each client’s needs. John is an integral part of our team at Numberall and the togetherness that John explains is one of the many reasons why we have been able to produce marking equipment for 89 years.

How Numberall’s Metal Marking Presses Can Save You Money

Here at Numberall, we know that marking devices can be costly for small and large businesses alike. At times, it may seem like a more cost-effective strategy to purchase low priced tools that will “get the job done.” However, you might be surprised to find that even businesses with low production demand end up saving money in the long run when they use Numberall equipment, especially with our line of presses. Compared to others on the market, Numberall’s presses are significantly higher quality, can save valuable floor space, and offer versatility for a number of marking uses.

How Numberall’s Metal Marking Presses Can Save You Money | Numberall Blog

We prioritize quality to ensure that our customers have products designed to last a lifetime. You’ll find that many imported presses are made using round column construction with a spring release marking force, which may result in a harsh impact shock. However, Numberall’s presses are built with cast iron “C” frames for distortion-free stamping with a smooth, static non-impact marking force. The large quick-change dovetail ram evenly distributes the marking force across the marking device frame with minimal stress. We also pride ourselves on the fact that Numberall’s presses do not have die cast parts. It’s because of the durable design that consumers will be guaranteed their Numberall press will last longer than competitors and produce a better mark.

Numberall’s bench-top presses are not only higher quality, but are economical as well. The Model 136A is just one example of an economical press which offers benchtop mounting capabilities in order to save valuable floor space and keep larger presses free for other work. This press has a compact design and can be easily mounted on a workbench for easy and efficient marking. With more space for other projects, our customers will be able to increase productivity in the workplace.

At Numberall, we know that compatibility and versatility are important factors to our consumers when purchasing equipment, which is why our presses are designed for virtually any product. Our presses’ capabilities range from marking nameplates and other flat objects to marking round parts with even impressions. We even help to increase compatibility by developing custom parts and fully servicing all products, even those dating back to the 1930s–a benefit that our competitors do not offer.

We realize that cost is an important factor in your decision-making process, but when it comes to metal marking equipment that you’ll use for years to come, purchasing durable, economical, and versatile presses like ours is actually less expensive in the long run. Even businesses with low marking production will find the benefits of Numberall’s presses to be unmatched.

For more information about our presses, or to request a quote, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our products or services.

Numberall’s Custom Application to Mark CO2 Bottles

Numberall’s Custom Application to Mark CO2 Bottles

Numberall Stamp and Tool Company is proud to offer high-quality stamping equipment to mark a number of materials in many different industries. Despite our versatile product line, we often are tasked with creating a custom marking application for a customer who has a unique marking need.

We recently had a customer reach out to us who needed to mark CO2 bottles. While our standard Model 301-A roll marking press is the best solution for marking cylindrical products, our customer required the mark to be angled on the neck of the bottle. Numberall’s solution was the design of two special holding fixtures to accommodate different sizes of CO2 bottles, utilizing our standard 301-A Press.

Numberall’s Custom Application to Mark CO2 Bottles | Numberall Blog

Numberall’s design makes marking the bottle simple. The operator places the bottle on the holding fixture and tightens the bolts in place on the bottom and sides of the bottle using an Allen wrench. To mark different points on the bottle, the fixture can be rotated. The knob at the top allows easy adjustment of the depth of impression by first setting the touch point on the center of the bottle and then giving the knob a half to a three quarter turn to tighten. The 301-A press uses simple air operation to mark the bottle in just a few seconds. Two set screws can be loosened to interchange fixtures to accommodate a different bottle size.

To see our custom marking solution in action, view the video below:

Our custom application for marking CO2 bottles is just one example of the many ways we can customize our products to meet your needs. If you’re not sure which product will work best for you, or if you’d like to discuss a custom solution, contact Numberall Stamp and Tool Company today.

Product Spotlight: Rotary Stamps

Product Spotlight: Rotary Stamps

Numberall Stamp and Tool Company is proud to offer products that meet all of your marking needs while saving you time and money. Our rotary stamps are ideal for low-volume marking of individual characters or dates. They are handheld, portable tools that can be used on any job site. This is why they are frequently used to mark boundary lines, utility pole tags, and keys.

Numberall - Rotary Stamps - Model 36B

No matter what the task, our rotary stamps save you time. By using our Single Wheel Rotary Stamp, you eliminate searching for up to 40 individual hand stamps. Single wheel rotary stamps are available individually, as a letter set in a convenient plastic pouch, or as a deluxe set packed in a sturdy wooden box. The deluxe single wheel rotary set contains three individual hand stamps, for a total of 40 characters. Even though we offer sets of characters, you can order the size and number of characters you need.

Best of all, these characters are easy to change by simply rotating the character wheel with your thumb and forefinger. To determine where you will be marking and in which order the characters will appear, the wheels are indexed with the character configuration on the side of the wheel facing the user. Along with saving you time by being easy to use, our rotary stamps make your markings more accurate.

If you will only be stamping a date with a month and year, like a manufacture date, we offer the Model 36B Rotary Date Stamp. This stamp only uses the characters required for four-digit date codes (MMYY). Originally designed for the battery industry, it can be used on any item on which a date code is needed. The Model 36B can be used for years to come as replacement wheels are available for future dates.
Numberall Stamp and Tool Single Wheel Rotary 1939

Beyond accommodating future dates and marking tasks, our rotary stamps are truly built to last. Made from high quality, heat-treated alloy tool steel, these stamps can withstand decades of severe usage. To ensure that each product meets Numberall’s high quality standards, each product is carefully inspected and tested throughout the manufacturing process.

Like any of our products, our rotary stamps can be customized to your specifications. You can order different characters or shanks depending on how you plan to use your rotary stamp. Please make sure to specify which options you’d like when placing your order. If you already own one of our rotary stamps, we also offer replacement parts and service. All of these services make up Numberall’s commitment to serving you from the time you place an order through the lifetime of your product. If you would like to place an order or have additional questions about our rotary stamps, please contact us.

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