At Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., we recently received requests to replace old numbering machines, and though they aren’t our design, we’ve done everything we can to make sure our customers are satisfied. Some old numbering machines had a printing height (the measurement from the face of the characters to top of frame) much smaller than Numberall’s standards. However, customers requested that the Old Numbering Machines? Our 11 Division Wheel Can Fix Those, Toonumbering heads be the same size because it would be too costly to change the tooling and press set-up.

These customers needed the zero suppression feature, which is on all standard Model 50P Numbering Machines. But due to overall size, the standard zero suppression, which allows the operator the choice of stamping leading zeros or a blank space, would not work.  

With a unique engineering challenge presented, we developed a product specifically for this task.

Old Numbering Machines? Our 11 Division Wheel Can Fix Those, TooBuilding automatically advancing serial numbering machines was much different in the past than it is today – we know because we’ve been doing it since 1930. But sometimes you have to look to the past to come up with a solution in the present. So we went back to our roots and re-engineered the 11 division wheel – an old design that was made obsolete with the now standard zero suppression feature. Along with a new wheel design, the retaining pawl had to be redesigned to properly hold the wheel in alignment.

We spent a considerable amount of engineering and development time on the updated design, but we did what was most important to us: met the customers’ needs. With a “new” 11 division wheel design that allows for putting a large character on a smaller wheel diameter, we were able to conquer this most recent engineering challenge.

For more information about the 11 division wheel, or to place an order, please contact us.

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