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Character Cleaning Picks

Character Cleaning Picks

In the indent marking industry keeping characters clean helps prolong 
life.  Buildup of material can cause characters to fail.  Numberall 
offers character cleaning picks that can eliminate these problems.

Each pick is made in the USA with USA chromium-vanadium 8650 alloy steel. 
It is protected with a black oxide finish.  The pick and nickel plated 
steel ferrule is hand assembled to the made in Maine hardwood handle. 
2 styles are offered, a 30 degree bend and a double bend.
Each pick is packed in a leather pouch and 100% MADE IN USA!

Special Holding Fixtures

Numberall can make special holding fixtures for all their marking tools. For this application, the customer required a mark on the inside diameter (ID) of a piece of pipe.  The ID range is 4″ to 8″.  That allow us to make a block to insert the stamp.  The block was then mounted to a shank of heat treated steel  with a handle.  Because the ID was large, the block fits into the diameter.  The spacing of the block, allows the customer to mark the same distance from edge of the pipe regardless of the diameter.  The large shank allow the operator to push against the diameter of the pipe and move the fixture till the stamp locates on the ID.  The operator then uses a hammer blow to make the impression.  As always MADE IN THE USA!


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