Numberall Stamp & Tool Co.’s name has become synonymous with the highest standards for design, craftsmanship, engineering, and product reliability in the industry. We want your indent marking equipment to have lasting value, so we’ve developed character cleaning picks to help prolong the life of your equipment.

How to Make Your Indent Marking Equipment Last with Character Cleaning PicksThe buildup of material, like oils on the product being stamped, will cling to characters and attract dust and grit from factory environments. A closed character such as a 0 (zero) will build up material on the inside. When you stamp, hydraulic force (created by compression of the dirt) can break or blow out the character. In short, the buildup of material can cause characters to fail.

So we’ve developed a special tool to help eliminate these problems before they arise.

Our character cleaning picks, which come in a 30-degree bend style and a double bend, allow you to clean your equipment and prevent character failure. Here’s how to use one:

Step 1: Inspect your characters

Are your characters filled with dust and grit? If they are, you’ll need to use the pick to prevent character failure.

Step 2: Clean your characters

Don’t scratch the characters, just pick out the buildup. This will ensure that your equipment lasts a long time. Keep a special eye on closed characters, like 0 (zero), where material can build up on the inside.

Step 3: Clean your pick

Wipe the build-up off your picks with a soft cloth. Wear on these picks is minimal, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

Step 4: Store your pick

Pack your pick away in the leather pouch we include with purchase. The maintenance of your equipment will depend entirely on the environment it is in. You will have to experiment to find out how frequently you should clean your characters.

Like all of Numberall’s products, these picks are made in the USA. Chromium-vanadium 8650 alloy steel is protected with black oxide to ensure lasting life and corrosion resistance. Even better, the pick and nickel plated steel ferrule is hand assembled to a Made-in-Maine hardwood handle – so you can rest assured that this product is made of only the best materials. Each pick comes packed in a leather pouch so you can safely store it away, and like all of our products, we guarantee it will last.

Preserve and protect –that’s what our character cleaning picks will do for your equipment. To order your Numberall character cleaning pick, visit our website or call 800-685-3072. We guarantee that they’ll be worth the investment.

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