Numberall’s custom steel stamps are constructed of high-impact tool steel, and are precision heat-treated and tempered for hard, continuous use and long life. They resist chipping and the characters are designed with heavy supporting bevels. Many of our customers find that these custom steel stamps are perfect for their marking requirements. If you’ve been considering purchasing custom steel stamps, there are certain details we’ll need to ensure we’re creating a product that fits your needs.

From multi-character hand stamps and press dies, to trademarks and symbols, Numberall’s custom steel stamps are made to order to suit your exact requirements, which means that we need your assistance to meet your exact specifications.Ordering Custom Steel Stamps from Numberall | Numberall Blog

The following information is required to process your order:

Type of stamp – hand, press, or logo insert

Hand stamps resist chipping from repeated hammer blows and are created with high-quality steel. They are specifically made to be struck with a hammer. Press stamps are made to be used in a power press or one of our press models, such as the Model 136 or 136S, the Model 137, or the Model 131 or 131A. Logo insert stamps are designed to fit into a Model 23P or Model 23H holder or can be made to fit your own holder or fixture.

Artwork for the design (for trademarks or logos)

If you would like to use custom artwork for your custom steel stamp, we will need to have a file sent from you (preferably .eps, .pdf, .ai, .dxf, or .dwg [vector formats]). We can also accept other high-resolutions file formats. Please contact us to see if your file format will work.

Size of the design or character size

What is the approximate size you would like the design to be? Provide us with the height and width and we will meet your specifications to provide you with a mark that will fit your product.

Character style (e.g., sharp face, flat face, etc.)

Sharp face characters come to a point and “cut” into the product, while flat face characters are generally used in dead soft materials (such as aluminum or brass) or for hot stamping with a foil.

Area available for stamped impression

To create a custom steel stamp that will work best for your product, we should get to know the product itself! Let us know what the area available for a stamped impression is so we can ensure you get a perfect mark every time.

Contour of surface being stamped (e.g., curved, flat, round, etc.)

The contour of the surface being stamped is important because it will change the overall design of the stamp itself. Let us know what kind of surface you’re stamping to ensure an even mark.

The blank style and dimensions are also required. You can find drawings for configurations here, as well as information about how to receive a quote.

If you need more help, please reach out to our customer service team. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about custom steel stamps.

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