At Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., we know that some of our customers need modified machines to fit their metal marking needs. We have been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a complete line of equipment since 1930 and can build customized metal marking machines to meet the needs of those customers.

In the past, we have received requests from our customers for modified sossnerequipment, which we have fulfilled without hesitation. We understand that your marking needs are unique, and we’re happy to create something just for you. The picture to the right shows a modified Model 50P for serial numbering. The customer we created this for needed machine arms that could be actuated from the rear and pushed up. The arms of the standard Model 50P are pulled down to actuate to the next consecutive number. We took on this engineering challenge and created a machine that met our customer’s needs. We also added a roller to mate with the press actuator, modified the frame legs, and used extension springs in place of the coil springs.

A second example of a custom piece of equipment we have created is the picture to the left, which shows a customized version of our Model stanley70P. This version uses 18 wheels divided into two groups with 1/8” high sharp face gothic characters. This customized metal marking machine uses a dovetail shank and was supplied with one of our Bench Marking Presses.

With customized metal marking machines like these two, we meet our customers’ specifications and provide a high-quality product Numberall is known for. We designed and manufactured the Model 70P in two weeks. We aim for a quick turnaround, even with machines that require special care like these.

In addition to custom machines, we offer custom steel hand  stamps, press dies and  steel type for almost any application.

At Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., our goal is to satisfy our customers. With custom options like these, we’ve created modified machines that do just that. If you’re interested in a custom machine, contact us today for more information.


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