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Numberall Stamp & Tool is a manufacturer of metal marking equipment for industry. We have been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a complete line of equipment since 1930. Our products utilize several marking methods, including metal marking and hot stamping. Numberall’s equipment can be used to mark an array of components such as nameplates, tags, keys, small parts, bushings, round shafts, and completely assembled parts. Each of these components can be marked with numbers, letters, symbols, logos, and any other identifying marks. Numberall offers the equipment to mark virtually any material from stainless steel to PVC plastic.

The Numberall name has become synonymous with the highest standards for design, craftsmanship, engineering, and product reliability in the industry.

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You can find Numberall’s markings from the far reaches of space and the depths of the oceans, to identifying tags on cattle and sophisticated electronic components in today’s marketplace. Do you want to learn more about what our products can do to help you? Visit our blog for information about metal marking methods, finding the right marking device, customized metal marking solutions, and more.

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