At Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., we may not offer dot marking, chemical etching, and other newer marking methods, but we have had great success in re-engineering our products to help customers maintain the metal marking methods they’ve used for years. As these new marking methods develop and enter the metal marking scene, Numberall has remained committed to developing equipment that withstands the test of time, and gets the job done.

By re-engineering our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we have led Numberall into the future of metal marking. This re-engineering process has provided several of our clients with less expensive options that continue to improve their processes and offer a faster lead time.

One of these re-engineering projects required us to provide new Numberall Model 50P serial numbering heads. The only catch was that that we had to work within the constraints of the company’s original marking tools.  We had to make our numbering heads fit without modifying the customer’s existing tooling and fixtures – which is not a simple feat.

The example below shows how we made the length of impression concave to fit a certain diameter for the customer’s products.future of metal marking

The next image is a Model 50P 11 division, an old design that had to be resurrected and re-engineered. The older designed allowed for a smaller Model 50P to fit within the customer’s space. It also saved the customer on downtime and a huge expense – without our re-engineering, they would have had to modify the entire fixture and press.

future of metal marking

The photo below had a similar problem.  We modified a Model 50P to have a type retainer that could be rotated, to help quickly and efficiently remove and/or change the type.  We also had to consider the customer’s space restrictions.

future of metal marking

In the final image, you can see a modified Model 50P to fit a roll marking press for stamping a flat part. The Model 50P was modified to have a  “barrel” style wheel to rock across the part for less part stress, rather than come straight down and stamp all characters at once.  To accomplish the rocking, a special adapter was made for the top of the Model 50P.

future of metal marking

Making old things new again is how we’ve brought outdated products into the modern age. The future of metal marking is already here, and we’re changing with it every day to meet the needs of our customers.

Even with the advent of new marking technology, our equipment capabilities remain second to none. Do you need one of your machine re-engineered? Contact us today!


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