Are you interested in ordering a machine, but not sure where to start? If you’ve been wondering how to order the Model 40B, or any other machine, this blog series will help guide you through the process.

We’ll start this series with information about how to order the Model 40B, one of our most popular machines for stamping, tags, keys and flat items. The first important step in ordering a machine is knowing if the machine will work for your item.

If your part is less than 3/8” thick and can fit on the table of the Model 40B, which has a 5-3/4” x 4-1/4” marking area, this machine may work for you. Your parts must also be in a soft, unhardened state and require a character size of 1/16” to 3/16”. When using the Model 40B, it stamps 1 character and spaces over ready for the next character. If you require low volume production where your information may change from part to part, the Model 40B is a great choice. If you’re producing large lots of parts with the same information, another Numberall product may be to order the model 40b

To determine the character size that your part requires, use the following steps:

  1. Measure the rectangular area to be stamped.
  2. Count the number of characters and refer to our catalog or web site for a chart that explains the number of characters you can stamp in an inch of space.
  3. Compare the height of the rectangle to the character size. Typically, a 1/16” space at the top and bottom of the characters creates a clean border (e.g. 1/8″ character in a 1/4″ tall space).

Keep in mind that if you’re stamping steel or stainless steel with 5/32″ or 3/16″ character sizes, a test stamp may be required. You can request a test stamp by contacting sales and submitting your tags. The Model 40B is capable of stamping material such as this, but may stamp a lighter impression than with individual hand stamps. The force that you operate the handle determines the depth of the stamping. If you need to stamp deep, the Model 94 Heavy Duty Numbering & Lettering Press may be more effective for you.

If your parts are only slightly too large for the Model 40B table, we can manufacture extra-long table assemblies.  We can also manufacture a different clamp mechanism to allow stamping up to 5-1/4″ down from the top of the product. We will work with you to create a custom machine for your part, if necessary.  

Once you’ve determined if the Model 40B works for your part, and you’re ready to order, contact us by phone at 800-685-3072 or 207-876-3566 if you’re calling locally. You can also email us at to order or request more information. If you were wondering how to order the Model 40B and this information was helpful, let us know in the comments below!


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