Thank you for your interest in the Model 40B for key marking!

Model 40B with Universal Key Nest

The Model 40B is ideal for stamping a variety of tags or flat parts made of aluminum, brass, or steel. Weighing only 40 pounds, it is portable enough to be used anywhere. It can be used for pet tags, mailbox labels, security badges, and key marking.

For applications that require different styles of key blanks, Numberall has a Universal Key Nest fixture that will adapt to most key blank styles, which is available in two styles. The first style is smaller and can be used with Numberall’s Platforms and Power Presses. The other style is larger and made on a table insert for the Model 40B Numbering & Lettering Press. Both styles use hardened steel bases for long life.

Keys can be inserted on the left or right side, depending on blank style. The neck of the key is pushed down until the head of the key meets the stop block. The spring-loaded gate holds the key against the stop block for the stamping operation.

Our Model 40B’s frame is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron “C” type. Its components are machined, which means that it has no die cast parts and the character dials are crafted from high grade tool steel and precision heat treated for severe usage and long life. Character dials are also engraved for accuracy, strength and alignment, and allows for a clear impression of uniform depth. We can custom engrave character dials as well.

Watch the video below to see the Model 40B at work:

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