Do you work in the firearms industry? If so, you may need to invest in special marking equipment to follow federal law. If you only use or sell firearms from a licensed manufacturer, they are engraved with all the markings required by law; however, if you’re making National Firearms Act firearms, marking firearms is an important part of your process.

According to The Firearm Blog, the following engravings must be made on your NFA firearm:

  • “Name of the individual or entity that made/registered the NFA firearm.
  • Location (City and State) where the NFA item was made.
  • Caliber of the registered NFA firearm.
  • Serial Number of the registered NFA firearm.
  • Model Number of the registered NFA firearm.”

Complying with federal law is difficult enough, but determining how to mark the required information on your NFA firearms is another task entirely. There are many ways to mark a firearm, but only certain method meet requirements from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF).marking firearms

If you’re considering having your firearms marked with a laser, you will not meet BATF requirements because the laser does not disturb/distort the surface enough. You want to use a method that will still function, even if someone files off the information. Indenting meets BATF requirements and in the case that someone does disturb the marking, it can be retrieved through chemical etching.

The primary issue with indent marking is that the standard press force may damage the firearm. In this case, roll marking firearms is an excellent option. Roll marking decreases force by only indenting one character at a time.

At Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., we offer custom roll marking solutions for firearms. We offer various roll marking presses, including the Model 301 and Model 301A. These presses are economical machines for light duty marking of round parts with an even depth of impression. Built for industrial applications, you can stamp characters up to a 1/4” in aluminum and 5/32″ characters in mild steel. Or we can match our marking products to your existing roll or benchtop press.

marking firearmsWe also make a barrel style version of our Model 50 to allow sequential serial numbers – a great option if you’re looking for a marking method for your firearms.

In addition, we create custom logos and dies for marking repetitive information that will work on bench top and roll marking presses. These may be important if you want to mark your firearms with special identifying information, such as a special logo.

By investing in marking solutions from Numberall, you will follow BATF requirements and protect your firearms. Our machines are made here in the United States with high-quality steel and we have has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a complete line of quality marking equipment since 1930.

The Numberall name has become synonymous with the highest standards for design, craftsmanship, engineering, and product reliability in the industry, so you can trust that your products will be marked properly.

Would you like to learn more about indent marking firearms? Contact us today and we will work with you to find the right method.

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