From fluid, snake-like sculptures that wind through galleries, to painstakingly crafted geometric entities, John Bisbee, a Maine sculptor, creates pieces of art that require meticulous detail. At first glance, his sculptures appear as if they were made from a continuous piece of metal, but when you look closer, reality is much more intriguing. Bisbee uses nails as his sole sculptural medium, manipulating them until they create the forms he desires.

Some of his sculptures take on a softer appearance, such as the group of nails he marking artcrafted into a nest-like piece, while others appear sharp and menacing. The intricacy of each sculpture and Bisbee’s attention to detail show just how much time and effort he puts into his pieces – and how much he cares about creating beautiful pieces. Because of the intricate nature of his work, Bisbee required the help of a company just as obsessed with quality and detail when it came to a product to stamp his pieces.

Numberall Stamp & Tool Co. happily met the challenge of providing a tool for marking art that was durable and created a mark that would last, and maneuverable enough to stamp Bisbee’s most intricate designs.

“Five years ago, I ordered my first set of steel type. This was a revolution –  the almost instantaneous ability to stamp my work with time, date, name, place,” Bisbee said.  

Numberall’s steel type, the product that Bisbee decided to invest in for his work, is engraved for accuracy, strength, and alignment. Made of high grade tool steel, the type is precision heat-treated for severe usage so it will withstand the test of time.

“The steel type and type holder are of the highest quality,” Bisbee said. “Over the years, I’ve stamped tens of thousands of objects without any degradation of the text.”

marking artBisbee has also invested in Numberall’s hand stamps, which are constructed of high-impact tool steel and precision heat-treated and tempered, for hard, continuous use and long life. They also resist chipping from repeated hammer blows.

“Recently, the amazing folks at Numberall have designed handstamps that print backwards type, which we have been using with great success to create our own dies for serial printing,” Bisbee said.

In addition to a high-quality product for marking art, Numberall has provided Bisbee with a lasting relationship and excellent customer service.

“Whenever I have questions or need technical insights, Rick and the team are immediate in response and their knowledge is infinite,” Bisbee said.

Bisbee, much like any artist, is careful and precise about his work. Numberall’s products have helped him make his mark in the world of art.

“They are as obsessed about the quality of their stamps as I am about my art,” Bisbee said. “Whatever your stamping needs or desires, Numberall is simply the best.”

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