At Numberall we believe it’s important to create models with our customers in mind; however, there are always special needs to take into consideration as well. Because every business is unique and requires machines with certain capabilities, we’ve designed a variety of metal marking fixtures that can be combined with many of our models.

Model 110 Universal Name Plate Holder

3 Metal Marking Fixtures for Custom Applications | Numberall BlogThe Model 110 Universal Nameplate Holder can be used in conjunction with the Model 98, which is an ideal method of stamping parts with a hammer for uniform depth and alignment, or the Model 47, which is similar to the Model 98 and can also be used for light punching, center punching, and other similar purposes. The Model 110 Universal Nameplate Holder provides an easy, quick clamping of a nameplate. X and Y adjustments can be made by the user and there are 3 standard sizes, including 2″ x 3-1/2″, 2-1/2″ x 4″, and 4″ x 6″. We can also create a custom holder for large nameplates.

Model 113 Strip Holder

The Model 113 Strip Holder can hold rectangular-shaped tags and is best used with long narrow tags. A common tag type that is held by the Model 113 is a hunting dog collar tag. It is generally 3/4″ x 3″ and contains two rails, a combination stop, and holding clip on the left-hand side.  The Model 113 strip holder is custom made to fit your tag.  Delivery is generally 1 day after receipt of order and tag size.  A heavy duty version is available.

Model 116 Dovetail Adapter

The Model 116 allows quick interchanging of numbering heads (automatic or non-automatic) with type holders or any other device. This fixture saves valuable set-up time, and cuts costs. The dovetail design on the adapter allows horizontal rather than vertical insertion and provides easy sliding in and out of any marking device. This fixture is compatible with several of our machines, including the Model 50P, Model 83P, and Model 70P.

In addition to these metal marking fixtures, we also offer custom nests for irregularly shaped objects. You can find a full list of our fixtures on our website. For more information about these metal marking fixtures, contact us today.

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