Plastic, wood, steel – our machines can mark all kinds of material, and we at Numberall Stamp and Tool, Co. have tried to make it easy for you to determine the exact marking equipment you’ll need. With our Metal Marking Product Chooser and Metal Marking Product Matrix, we’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of the purchasing process.

length of impression ruler diagramWe’ve also taken an additional step to help you determine the proper character sizes that best suit your marking needs.

Our unique Length of Impression Ruler can help you figure out the impression lengths directly in the areas to be marked, without needing a separate ruler or figuring out the accompanying calculations. The ruler is simple and efficient – much like our marking equipment.

The Length of Impression Ruler contains 18 separate scales corresponding to numbering heads on one side, and 11 scales corresponding to typeholders on the other. The scales are printed in actual character sizes and styles to make the selection process even easier for you.length of impression ruler

Here are few simple steps to using the Length of Impression Ruler:

  1. Find the character size along with the marking device you desire.
  2. Put the corresponding side of the ruler on the part.
  3. Start at number 1 and refer to the number of digits needed to stamp.
  4. Find area required to mark – it’s right on the part!

It’s easy to know whether or not you’ll need marking equipment. What’s harder is determining the proper character sizes that best suit your marking needs. Numberall’s Length of Impression Ruler makes the process simple and efficient.

If you need further assistance determining the correct marking equipment and character sizes for your needs, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!


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