Custom Nests



Nests for irregularly shaped tags can be custom manufactured. Irregular tag shapes such as circles, dog bones, etc. can be provided. A custom nest can be manufactured for Numberall’s Platforms (except Model 49) and Presses (except Models 301 and 301A).

Keys are popular items that utilize nests. Basically, the shape of the tag or key is cut out of a top layer of aluminum that is then riveted to a steel base. A lip is maintained on the back edge, so that the standard clamp on the numbering and lettering presses or power presses can clamp the nest. On those tags, which are difficult to remove, a thumb cutout is built into the nest to aid in removing the tag.

Ordering Information
Please send a sample of your tag when requesting a nest. We do not maintain a file, since various tag manufacturers’ dimensions can vary.

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