Model 136 – 136A

Numberall manufactures a variety of economical bench-top presses. Bench-top mounting saves valuable floor space and keeps larger presses free for other work. The bench top presses are available in Hand-Operated (Model 136), Air-Operated (Model 136A), and Motorized (Model 137) versions. These presses are compact and easily mounted on a workbench. They are designed for marking name plates and other flat objects.



The Model 136 is hand-operated. By manually pulling the lever, a cam is rotated to create the stamping force. This adjusts the table so that when the cam rotates to high cam position, minimal effort is required to mark the part.

The Model 136A uses an air-cylinder to generate its power. A hand-operated lever valve is pulled toward the operator. This causes the ram to move down to stamp the part. Once stamped, the lever valve is released and the ram then moves to the home position. The Model 136A is a very simple, low maintenance press with very few moving parts. In fact, we do not recommend any spare parts for this machine.

The Model 136A can also be adjusted so that any part thickness within the stroke range can be stamped without height adjustment. By simply adjusting the air pressure, the press will stamp to a certain depth. Essentially, the press will “stall out,” but not damage the part or press components because the air pressure is lower than standard.

An acme screw and nut, attached below the cast table, regulate depth of stamping. A separate guiding rod helps align the table. By turning the acme nut you can raise or lower the table for depth adjustment. The presses feature a short, safe 3/16” stroke, negating the need for external guarding. The Model 136A can be equipped with an optional two-hand trip. Numberall’s standard dovetail shank allows quick changing of marking devices. The same dovetail is used in all of our presses as well as the Model 116 Dovetail Adapter.

Construction & Parts
The Models 136, 136A, and 137 use the same base casting. Numberall’s presses have cast iron “C” frames for distortion-free stamping with a smooth, static non-impact marking force. No die cast parts are used. Many imported presses are made using round column construction with a spring release marking force, which may result in a harsh impact shock. The large quick-change dovetail ram evenly distributes the marking force across the marking device frame with minimal stress. Clearances and pressures are the same for all models.


A variety of marking devices can be installed in the presses, depending on part thickness and character capacity requirements.


Maximum Part Thickness Chart
Depicts the maximum allowable part thickness, based on the marking device and character size. The total clearance under the ram is 3-3/4”, but can be modified for more; contact the factory for availability and pricing.
Marking Device Maximum
Model 23P (up to 5/32” character) 1-5/8”
Model 23P (3/16” to 1/4”character) 1-1/4”
Model 70P (up to 1/8” character) 1-9/16”
Model 70P (3/16” to 1/4” character) 1”
Model 50P (up to 1/8” characters) 1-9/16”
Model 50P (5/32” and 3/16” character) 1/2”
Note: For the Maximum Part Thickness Chart, any Numbering Machine or Type Holder not listed cannot be used in the above presses.


Character Capacity Chart
Depicts the maximum number of characters that can be stamped during each impression. These recommendations can be exceeded in many cases. The hardness of a material will affect stamping results.
RC 30
1100 H26
1/4 2 2 4 12
3/16 2 4 5 16
5/32 3 5 8 30
1/8 4 6 13 40
3/32 4 7 15 50
1/16 6 11 24 80
Note: The Character Capacity Chart is based upon the maximum number of characters for a legible impression (.002”-.003” depth).


Product Specs

Hand Air
Bench Space Depth 14″ 22″
Bench Space Width 11″ 14″
Bench Space Height 20″ 14-1/2″
Weight 65 lbs. 80 lbs.
Throat Depth 2-1/2″ 2-1/2″
Vertical Table Adjustment 2″ 2″
Clearance between ram and table
(when adjusted down)
3-3/4″ 3-3/4″


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