Model 50P Custom Applications

The Model 50P can be modified to suit specific marking situations. A few units shown on this page are examples of the custom designed Model 50P units we have built over the years. Contact our sales engineers with your requirements.

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King-Size Model 250Pnumberall-model250kingsize

This machine utilizes 1-3/4″ high, flat face characters engraved on a 7″ diameter wheel. The zeros are removable for either having a blank space or adding a special character to the marking sequence. This machine is equipped for hot stamping using a 5 heater system. An air-tripping attachment is optional.


Long Frame Leg Model 250PNumberall Model 50P Optional Equipment

This Custom Model 250P is shown here with an extra-long frame leg. This particular head was used to hot stamp cable, with nearly 12 inches of information. The first part of the stamping incorporates a four digit consecutive number. The extended leg holds a special logo die that is almost 12 inches long. In addition, all the characters, including the wheels, are flat face gothic and concave, to conform to the diameter of the wire being stamped.


Removable Logo Die Model 50PNumberall Model 50P Optional Equipment

A special removable logo die inserted into an extended frame leg is a custom application of this machine. A special design logo allows users to “customize” their serial numbers. This unit has sharp face characters to cold stamp metal parts. It is also equipped with our optional air-tripping attachment.


Combination Model 51PNumberall Model 50P Optional Equipment

The Model 51P combines an automatically advancing serial numbering head with a manually advanced multiple wheel numbering machine on a supporting frame. The left side of the machine is used for selective and constant numbering. This combination in one frame minimizes deflection, which usually occurs when so many wheels are found in one marking machine. The design also allows for different character styles or sizes to be incorporated in the two sections of the machine.


Extended Frame Leg with Removable Type Holder Model 250PNumberall Model 50P Optional Equipment

An extended frame leg with a removable type holder is a custom application of the Model 250P. With a removable type holder, an additional holder can be prepared for the next set-up, thus minimizing down-time. The type holder can hold individual removable characters or a special logo. This machine is equipped with hot stamping equipment and air-tripping attachment.



Numberall Model 50P Custom Applications Model 50P with “Reverse” tripping arm

Model 50P with Concave Length of Impression for stamp round collar


Model 250P with Extended Frame Leg for removable inserts


Custom King Size Model 50P 3 wheels 1-1/2″ characters, extended frame leg for removable inserts and special air trip location, holes for weight reduction.


Model 50 11 Division Wheel that allows Leading Zero Suppression.
Another King Size Model 50.
Video of above King Size Model 50 with 1-1/2″ Characters.

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