Model 50P Optional Equipment

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Model 250P Hot Stamping Equipment
The Model 250P is equipped with optional hot stamping equipment and optional proportional temperature control. The hot stamping equipment provides a heating element in the wheel shaft and additional design features that are not used on cold stamping heads. When the optional proportional temperature control is used, which is highly recommended, a uniform temperature can be maintained. For more information, please visit the Hot Stamping Equipment page.

Model 50P with Air Tripping Attachment
The Model 50P is shown with an optional air tripping attachment and our Dovetail Shank. The air tripping attachment allows for smooth control of the actuating arms. Basically, two small air cylinders are used to move the arms that, in conjunction with the actuating pawl, rotate the wheels to the next number. A miniature roller valve, activated by the movement of the press ram, controls air to the cylinders. The mechanism works on the up-stroke of the press. Also included is an adjustable speed control valve.

Note: Air tripping attachments are highly recommended when the Model 50 is used in hand or power presses.

Multiple Duplication Attachment
This feature allows the operator to repeat the same number up to 99,999 times before allowing the Model 50P to actuate. The air tripping attachment is required for the use of this feature.

Model 50P Custom Applications
Numberall has designed many variations of the Model 50 to suit customer requirements. Check out our Model 50P Custom Applications page to view just a few of the hundreds of customized numbering heads we have created for our customers.

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