Numberall Stamp and Tool Company is proud to offer solutions for all of your marking needs. The Model 40B is a popular choice for stamping data tags or pet ID tags. The Model 40B will single space, double space, or not space at all depending on how you adjust the machine. Here is how to adjust your machine or space the text.

To start, here is how to space text using Model 40B:

Numberall Space Text Using Model 40B

  1. Before making any adjustments, make sure you don’t start stamping the line with the first pull of the operating handle.
  2. Push the table over, then pull the handle down until you hear a click. Go about halfway to produce a blank space.
  3. Return the handle and turn the knob to the desired character to start stamping.

If you need to make adjustments to Model 40B for spacing, here is how you will make them:

  1. Remove the entire table assembly. To do this, push the red handle down and pull the table off to the left.
  2. Check the tip of the spacing pawl. It should have an edge on it and not be rounded over. If it’s rounded over, you can use a file to put an edge on it.
  3. Move the red handle up and down to ensure the spacing pawl moves up and down. If it doesn’t, you may have a missing spacing pawl spring.
  4. Turn the table over and check the spacing rack to ensure that the teeth are the same all the way across. They shouldn’t have any grooves or worn spots in them.
  5. Make sure the friction spring is installed on the spacing rack.
  6. After examining the spacing pawl and rack, the spacing adjustment screw may have to be adjusted.
  7. Turn the depth of impression screw out to ensure the press is making a complete stroke and make sure you’re hitting the tab.
  8. If the spacing adjustment screw needs to be changed, loosen the lock nut with a 7/16 wrench. After making adjustments, remember to tighten the lock nut.
  9. If double spacing, turn the screw out to raise the table at the resting position.
  10. If not spacing, turn the screw in to lower the table to the resting positon.

At Numberall, we’re proud to design equipment that is adjustable to the customers’ needs, saving them time and money. If you need help making these adjustments or with anything else related to your machine, we’re happy to help you. We offer advice on how to use all of our products. For more visual learners, we’ve created a series of videos to do this. If you have any questions about the Model 40B or would like to place an order, please contact us.

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