From the very beginning, Numberall has been a family-owned and operated business. In 1930 Max Bayerdorffer founded Numberall, and over the next 89 years the Bayerdorffer family has been at the heart of the business, passing the torch from one generation to the next. The latest is Alexander, Max’s great grandson, who started working at Numberall full-time just two years ago– but his history with the company goes back much further than that.

Staff Spotlight: Alexander Bayerdorffer | Numberall Blog

Growing up, Alexander always knew he wanted to work at Numberall. As early as age 6, Alexander was already sweeping the floor and stuffing product catalogs to earn a bit of pocket money. By middle school, he was assembling rotary stamps just the same as Bayerdorffers four generations before him, taking pride in his ability to assemble stamping tools in under a minute’s time. His passion continued to grow in high school, when he started working summers and study halls for work experience, rotating into different shop departments to gain first-hand knowledge of every process and product in the shop. In college, Alexander studied mechanical engineering to further his understanding of machining, and when he came back he spent time in the Numberall front office to understand how the flow of paperwork affected the business, from quotes to sales to deliveries.

Today, Alexander spends his days creating drawings and schematics, programming software, and designing products, as well as taking older Numberall designs from paper to digital. One recent project Alexander worked on was an order of custom CO2 bottle marking equipment, requiring the customization of Numberall’s Model 301A roll marking press to fit the customer’s needs. When the company received this order, Alexander took charge of the process from design to product creation, ensuring that the client received a product that fit their specifications.

For Alexander, it’s this part of the job that’s most fulfilling. “Every single day I get to do something brand new, whether it’s a new product, finding old drawings and giving them new life, or finding ways for the employees to have easier jobs. My job allows me to do something new everyday and that’s what I love about it.”

It’s this same sense of dedication and love of exploration that sets Alexander apart and carries on the Bayerdorffer legacy. We here at Numberall look forward to Alexander’s continued growth as he moves forward into his engineering career.

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