For a company that has been around for nearly 90 years, we attribute our longevity not only to the high-quality marking products we manufacture, but also to our devoted employees, many of whom have been with us for over a decade. We want to introduce you to these people who make it all happen, as well as give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Numberall operates in our new staff spotlight series.

Staff Spotlight: Rick Pellerin | Numberall BlogIf you’ve placed an order with Numberall within the past 34 + years, it’s more than likely that you’ve talked with our sales manager, Rick Pellerin. Rick has been in a sales role in the manufacturing industry since 1979, previously working at Fayscott in Dexter, Maine and Fellows Gear Shaper in Springfield, VT.

Rick began working at Numberall in January of 1984, who found himself wearing many hats on a daily basis. His main role is to ensure that all orders are quoted quickly and with the best equipment for the job. He also troubleshoots problems such as confirming customer requirements, interpreting customer prints in the shop and assists customers with non-standard and custom product quotes acting as a liaison between the engineering and production departments and the customer. Rick also helps with designing special modifications, fixtures, or numbering heads, as well as ensuring rush orders get into production and out the door as efficiently as possible.

Rick really enjoys finding solutions to our customers’ challenges. “It’s always fun to see a product and tell people, ‘that’s our customer and I sold them the tools to stamp that information,’” Rick says. “It’s is also fun to help the customer decide on where and how to stamp a product that you personally use.”

Rick is an integral part of the team, and “team” is exactly how Rick describes the environment here at Numberall.

“I believe that when you contact Numberall you have the entire work force behind you,” Rick says. “There is not a single person at Numberall that is not willing to go the extra mile. Whether it is a quick delivery or an answer to a marking problem. The people at Numberall take great pride in their work.”

Now that you know who Rick is, don’t hesitate to contact him the next time you’re looking for a new application for any of our machines. Call 1-800-685-3072 or email him directly at

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