steel stamps for markingSteel stamps are a tried and true tool used for marking material. We’ve been making steel stamps for marking since our inception in 1930, and they have remained one of the best marking options for hard, continuous use.  

Numberall’s Standard Hand Stamps are constructed of high-impact tool steel, precision heat-treated and tempered so they’ll last a lifetime. They resist chipping from repeated hammer blows and the characters are designed with heavy supporting bevels. All hand stamps are marked on the thumb side for positive identification and locating purposes.

Why steel stamps for marking instead of a machine? Here are a few reasons:

  • steel stamps for markingThey’re economical. Our steel hand stamps are one of our most cost-effective marking solutions. They’re affordable and long-lasting, so you’re guaranteed an effective  purchase.
  • They create clear marks. Because steel hand stamps are controlled by you and the force of your hammer blows, you can ensure that a clear mark is created every time.
  • They’re durable. We have steel hand stamps from the 1930s that are still in use today. All of Numberall’s products are guaranteed to last, but our steel hand stamps are especially durable.
  • Options abound. Our set of standard hand stamps include 9 stamps in a figure set, or 27 stamps in a letter set. These sets will provide you with most of the marking options you’ll need, but in case you require something special, we also create customized hand stamps.

Each set of our hand stamps is conveniently packaged in an easily accessible 27-Piece Boxed Set, which also functions as a workbench holder for everyday use. The figure set contains 9 stamps; the figure 6, when inverted, is also used for the figure 9. The letter set has 27 stamps, A to Z and the character “&.”

In addition to our standard stamps, we can create something special for your business. From multi-character hand stamps and press dies, to trademarks and symbols, Numberall’s steel stamps for marking are made to order to suit your exact requirements.

Need more information about using steel hand stamps for you indent marking purposes? Contact us today.


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