Buying products made in the United States isn’t just about supporting our country’s economy and protecting the jobs of hardworking Americans – it’s a practical choice.

At Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., our products are made in the USA, and we stand by their quality without hesitation. We can say from experience that a cheaper price isn’t worth it in the long run – a little extra cash buys high quality metal marking equipment that can stand up to wear and tear.

We realize that cost is an important factor in your decision-making process, but when it comes to metal marking equipment that you’ll need for years to come, purchasing durable products like ours is actually less expensive in the long run.

When you buy metal marking equipment made in the USA, the parts made in the USAfor the product are readily available. Even years down the road, you’ll find that delivery times are shorter, and there is much less hassle when it comes to ordering parts for your machine.

Our products are not just made in the USA, they are also made with American steel. We require a certificate with our steel to verify its quality and origin – a step we’ve taken to ensure we provide you with a great product, and to save ourselves the hassle of working with lower quality imported steel as we manufacture our metal marking machines. In addition to the excellent customer service that’s provided when you purchase a product made in the USA, the quick delivery time we provide helps you get back on track if something goes wrong.

Even if the import price of the product you need is less than our price, parts on those machines can fail. With an eight to twelve-week lead time, the price savings isn’t always worth the lost time. Our quick delivery makes it easy for you get back to work

Additionally, we can customize our equipment to meet your exact requirements – an important aspect of ordering this type of equipment, considering not all marking is straight forward and simple to use.

Perhaps most important is the lasting quality of products made in the USA. Many of our customers are still using their marking equipment after over 30 years, and we have active customers ordering parts for equipment that was manufactured in the ‘70s. If you search for Numberall products on eBay, you’ll find that some of our used products are on sale – a testament to the quality and value of our marking tools.

If you’re thinking about purchasing new metal marking equipment, consider these differences between an import and a product made in the USA. Think about the reliability of an import, and remember that we still have parts, we can service or rebuild your equipment, and we’re right here, for you, to make sure you get exactly what you need.

For more information about our products that are made here in the USA, view our product pages or contact us for additional assistance.


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