At Numberall we offer several roll marking, bench top, and numbering and lettering presses to meet our customers’ varying needs. Some models are available in hand-operated, air-operated, and motorized versions to suit a number of different situations. Here is a breakdown of 3 different types of Numberall metal marking presses and their capabilities:

Roll Marking Presses

For light duty marking of round parts with an even depth of impression, our roll marking presses, the Model 301 Hand-Operated or 301A Air-Operated, are the appropriate machines. These economical presses are built for industrial applications—you can stamp characters up to 1/4” in aluminum and 5/32″ characters in mild steel. To operate either model, simply place the round part in the adjustable holding fixture and either manually pull the operating handle, or actuate the air valve to extend the marking device part to make an even indent on the round object. We also offer two oversize endplates to allow roll marking on larger diameters. Watch a video demonstration of the Model 301 here.

Bench Top Presses

Our bench top presses are designed to quickly mark name plates and other flat objects without taking up valuable floor space. Built with cast iron “C” frames for distortion-free stamping, our bench top presses evenly distribute the marking force across the marking device frame with minimal stress. Our bench top models come in hand-operated, air-operated, and motorized versions. Some customers may prefer the convenience of a motorized press to reduce operator fatigue, however our air-operated models offer low maintenance with very few moving parts.

Numbering & Lettering Presses

Numberall’s 3 Different Metal Marking Presses and Their Capabilities | Numberall BlogFor numbering and lettering flat metal parts, the Model 40B and Model 94 presses offer high quality construction with minimal operator effort. The Model 40B can stamp from 1/16” to 3/16”  character size, depending on material . The Model 94 is better suited for thicker parts and larger characters, from 1/8” to 3/8” character size. From social security plates and keys to pet tags and more, we can custom manufacture nests, strip holders, and slides to meet your needs. View our video demos of the Model 40B and Model 94 to see these presses in action.

While our presses are quite versatile, you can be sure that they are built to last. For more information on the different types of presses, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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