Numberall has many choices for the Model 23P Type Holder. Not just character size and capacity, but we can modify the Model 23P for just about any type of marking.

Pictured is a Model 223P-2 2 Line Type Holder, equipped for hot stamping, insulated mounting plate and proportional temperature control. Another pictures is showing a hardened Model 23P with lines and female embossing characters. This is used on a Heat staking press, forming the end of a plastic tube (like toothpaste) and allowing the material to flow up into the female type, for a raised character date code. The next picture is of a Model 23P-2 2 line type holder with staggered openings. This was made to fit the customers tag to only stamp 2 areas. The final picture is a another special Model 23P, the round middle section is for a replaceable round die, on each side pockets for type, positioned 90 degrees from normal. All made to suit special applications for our customer. As always Made In USA!

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