Rapid, accurate and consecutive marking requires a machine that works precisely and efficiently, and requires minimal effort from the operator. Our Model 50P was developed over 80 years ago and is ideal for rapid, accurate and consecutive marking required by a variety of industries, including tag manufacturers.

Product Spotlight: Model 50P | Numberall The Model 50P is a sturdy machine built with quality American products that withstand the test of time. In fact, we are still servicing units that are over 40 years old. The Model 50P is constructed with a one-piece wheel and index plate to prevent misalignment and errors that can occur with a two-piece construction. Like all our machines, this model is built with heavy duty tool steel and is precision heat-treated for severe usage and long life.

In addition to the excellent capabilities of the machine, it also has a variety of optional equipment that increases its effectiveness for users. One of our custom applications for the Model 50P is an extended frame leg for a removable logo die. This allows the user to customize serial numbers. It also has sharp face characters to cold stamp metal parts and is equipped with our optional air-tripping attachment.

Model 250P with Extended Frame LegThe Model 50P is also compatible with our hot stamping equipment. Hot stamping equipment can be used for stamping plastics. The Model 250P can be used in conjunction with a hot stamp press with foil to add color to the serial number, or it can just “brand” into the product.

Because of the Model 50P’s versatility and the additional customizable options it can include, it’s become one of our customers’ favorite products.

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