At Numberall, we stand behind our products. It’s inevitable that our products will become worn from regular use and need maintenance. We gladly service all of the products we sell, including discontinued items like the Model 48. Even if you’ve had your machine for a long time, we can service it. We have even had products sent to us for repair that were from the time our business was established in the 1930s.

The types of service we provide include tune-ups, cleaning, painting, part replacement, component realignment and any other required repairs. The frequency of maintenance depends on how well the customer maintained the product and how heavily they used the machine. Common replacement items include table inserts on the Model 40B that slowly warp over time from the repeated pounding, and retaining pawl springs on numbering heads that can break prematurely. We have all parts in stock for immediate delivery including parts for custom made and discontinued machines.

Cost is often a factor when it comes to repairs. At Numberall, we try to make our repairs as cost-effective as possible. The cost will vary depending on your needs. For wear items and consumables, it is almost always more cost effective to buy the parts and do the repairs as this is usually the fraction of the price of a new machine. For older machines, if the parts are damaged and need replacing then you will not want to pay more than half the cost of a new machine. For older machines, if the part replacement cost exceeds half that of a new machine then it might not be worth repairing. To replace those parts is quite expensive and can easily exceed the cost of a new machine when combined with the purchase of a used machine.

However, if you are sending us an older machine to be serviced, it is helpful to know the age. Especially if you’ve purchased one of our older machines secondhand on eBay or from anywhere else. You can tell the date of manufacture by reading the last three digits of the serial number. The first digit is a letter that indicates the month and the next two digits are the year of manufacture. If you’re interested in purchasing an older machine secondhand, we are willing to answer questions you may have.

If you’re not sure about the kind of service you need, we can help you. Customers can send in their machines for repair quotes and we won’t charge anything until the service is approved. All you need to do is deliver the machine to our location in Sangerville, Maine. If you live further away, you can ship your machine to us and we will have it shipped back to you once it is serviced.

If you like to do repairs yourself, you can do that with your Numberall product. All of our machines can be serviced by the customer. The instruction manuals for all machines include directions on assembling and reassembling the machines. They also include simple directions on things to look for when troubleshooting the machine. In addition, the manuals have a list of common consumable items and general maintenance. Finally, we have videos on some of the adjustments you can make to the machines.

Whether your machine needs to be repaired or just regular maintenance, Numberall can help you. The fact that we service everything we sell shows our commitment to not just our products, but our customers as well. If you have one of our products that needs to be serviced or repaired, please contact us.

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