Numberall Stamp & Tool Co.’s numbering and lettering presses can take care of everything from social security plates and keys to pet tags and flat metal parts. We have two numbering and lettering presses, the Model 40B and the Model 94. Knowing how these two presses are different is important to ensure you get the best press for your specific needs. 

How to Pick the Right Numbering and Lettering PressAt only 40 pounds, the Model 40B is portable enough to be used anywhere, and it’s quiet and simple to use. This press is ideal for stamping a variety of tags or flat parts made of aluminum, brass, or steel, such as dog tags, mailbox labels, or security badges

The Model 40B will stamp stainless steel or tougher material up to a 1/8” character size.  5/32” or 3/16” characters can also be stamped, but the impression will be not be as deep.  For these sizes, we recommend submitting samples.  We will test stamp and return for your inspection.

The Model 94 press is best suited for thicker parts because of its longer adjustment screw. It’s also better suited for harder materials or larger characters, as it produces more force then the 40B.  The Model 94 has much larger characters available and its mono-character wheel with automatic spacing makes it easy to use as well. At 88 pounds of heavy cast iron, it’s quite a bit heftier than the 40B.

A similarity between these two presses is their quality and ease of use. The Model 40B frame is constructed of a rigid, heavy-duty cast iron “C” type. All of the 40B’s components are machined, meaning that it has no die cast parts, and the character dials are crafted from high grade tool steel and precision heat treated for severe usage and long life. The 94’s character wheels are engraved for accuracy, strength and alignment, and crafted from high grade tool steel. They’re also precision heat treated for severe usage and long life.

The 40B requires minimal effort on your part – just rotate the 42 character dial to the desired character, pull the operating handle and release. The 94’s operation is similar ­– place the I.D. tag on the carriage table, dial the character desired, and depress the hand lever.

If you have questions about which press is best for your numbering and lettering needs, call us today for help!

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