Whether you are a locksmith who is stamping keys or a veterinarian engraving pet tags, Numberall’s Model 40B is an ideal solution for your numbering and lettering needs. It can stamp aluminum, brass, or steel parts. Numberall’s Model 40B is the perfect machine to stamp name tags, keys, or other flat pieces.Numberall Model 40B

Weighing only 40 pounds, Model 40B is portable enough to be used anywhere. It is quiet and easy to use. Just place the I.D. tag on the carriage table, dial the character desired, and depress the hand lever. The carriage table advances automatically after each impression, guaranteeing a neat, evenly spaced stamping each time. There’s a built-in clamping device to hold the I.D. tag in place. All you have to do is drop or slide the tag under the clamping device and start marking.

The character dials are meticulously engraved with 42 characters and heat-treated to last. This eliminates sloppy hand stamping with a straight, even character string. You can choose from 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16” character sizes. Character dials are interchangeable with the addition of different spacing racks. We also manufacture different sized nests and strip holders to make operation even simpler.

The origin of Numberall’s Model 40B can be traced to the 1940s, and many of these presses are still in the field even after decades of daily use. Recent improvements include a new table insert clamp, table stop clamp, table release lever mechanism, and an adjustable dial tension block assembly. These improvements increase the ease of use for the operator.

Continual updates through the years have kept the Model 40B as a leader in its class. With no plastic or electric parts that break and need to be replaced annually, you can depend on the Model 40B to last for many years of service. It easily pays for itself and returns your investment. For more information about this product or any others, please contact us.


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