To keep your Numberall product in good working order, regular maintenance must be done. For wear items and consumables, it is almost always more cost effective to buy the parts and do the repairs. The Model 40B is an excellent, cost-effective machine to do this with as it has no plastic or electric parts that break or need to be replaced annually.

This list of recommended spare parts and maintenance, along with your owner’s manual, will help you to maintain your Model 40B for years to come:

Spare Parts and Maintenance for Model 40B

  • Table Inserts are common replacement items because they slowly warp over time from the repeated pounding. The table insert can be moved fore and aft for line spacing.
  • Character Dials are meticulously engraved with 42 characters and heat-treated to last. You can choose from 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, and 3/16” character sizes.
  • Spacing Racks. Character dials are interchangeable with the addition of different spacing racks. Extra-long tables and spacing racks are available for larger parts.
  • Nests and Strip Holders. We also manufacture different sized nests and strip holders to make operation even simpler. All you have to do is drop or slide the tag into the nest or strip holder and start marking.
  • Light Oil. An oil hole is provided on the front of the press just below the spacing adjustment screw. A few drops of light oil should be applied here if bearing surfaces appear dry. Lubricate once a day if used continuously.
  • Dry Lubricant. Use dry lubricant to grease the character dial surface that is against dial plate, the table insert guides, and the table dovetail strip. Do not use oil.

If you need help maintaining your Model 40B or would like to order parts, please contact us. We have all parts in stock for immediate delivery including parts for custom made and discontinued machines. In addition, you can request a product manual by contacting us directly.


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