Model 40B

Model 40B with sample tags

The Model 40B is ideal for tag stamping. Data tags, mailbox labels, security tags, pet tags and more can all be stamped by this versatile marking machine, which makes it a great solution for your numbering and lettering needs. With the Model 40B, you can stamp aluminum, brass, or steel tags accurately and efficiently.

The Model 40B is also a versatile machine that can single space, double space, or not space at all depending on how you adjust it. Character dials are interchangeable with the addition of different spacing racks and we manufacture different sized nests and strip holders to make operation even simpler.

With no plastic or electric parts that break and need to be replaced annually, you can depend on the Model 40B to last for many years of service. One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick up a Model 40B is the weight, which is due to the sturdy cast iron “C” frame that prevents deflection and uneven marking. The various parts of the machine, including the adjustable table, are made with American steel to ensure long life and durability.

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