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Numberall Stamp and Tool Modifies its Oversize Cylindrical Marking Press

m301ADue to the ever evolving Cylindrical Marking Press Numberall has transformed its own Marking Press to provide a more efficient way to stamp round parts.

Numberall Stamp and Tool Company and Inc. have incorporated oversize endplates in its Model 301 or 301A Cylindrical Marking Presses. They continue to modify and alter their machines to comply with consumer demands. These new presses are available in the first oversize or second oversize. Special fixtures and/or different fixtures will allow larger diameters.

The Model301 or 301A Cylindrical Marking Presses offer an economical means of stamping round parts. The round part is placed in a “roller “fixture. The marking device consisting of standard straight steel type (or one of our Numbering Heads) is pulled across the part. The part rotates in the fixture as the code is stamped around the part. Multi line type holders are available. The Model 301 or 301A allows stamping of character sizes up to a quarter inch.

Numberall continues to maintain at the forefront of the stamp and tool industry, creating new innovative products that shock industry standards.

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