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2022 Date Code

2022 Date Code

As we end 2021 (finally) we remind our customers that the dates codes need to be updated.
It’s time to check your supply of type, making sure you have enough 2’s for the new date code.  Checking that
the custom dies are up to date with the proper year.  Verifying that the numbering head doesn’t have
any damaged characters or need  special engraved wheels.

We offer many marking options,  including:

  • Date code, shift codes, etc. in a solid block – If you need multi-character stamps to speed up the change-over of codes, we can provide stamps that will work for you. Our multi-character stamps are perfect for codes that remain the same, such as the year 2021 or even a section of a part code.
  • Standard steel type pieces – These pieces are compatible with Numberall’s Model 23 Type Holder, or your own type holder, for a uniformly spaced and aligned character sequence. Our standard steel type is engraved and precision heat treated on quality American steel, plus we manufacture blanks to high standards for accuracy, strength, and alignment.
  • Numbering head wheels – We can special engrave numbering head wheels with the same character or groups of characters so that if a character gets worn or damaged, you can switch to the next one that works.
  • Custom marking equipment – If none of the above methods work for your date marking, please reach out to us! We are happy to provide a quote for custom solutions to meet your needs.

Stock items will be shipped the next business day.  Custom items could be 2-3 weeks.  Shipping delays
are common this time of year.
Thank you for your past business, looking forward for a prosperous 2022 for all of us!

As always, MADE IN USA!

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