Model 23 Type Holder – Hand or Press Shank

The Model 23 Type Holder is used to stamp repetitive sequences with steel type. The Model 23 offers quick stamping of a uniformly spaced and aligned character sequence. Because the operator “sets” the type, virtually any sequence or code can be easily obtained. Numberall’s Super Quality Steel Type is purchased separately or in a 3A or 5A Font.You will receive a Free Deluxe Type Box with each order of a Model 23 Type Holder.


A replaceable heat-treated steel anvil is used to support the base of the type characters. A type holding pin seats on a taper and prevents the notched type from falling out. During the marking operation, pressure bears on the anvil, rather than on the slot or pin.

Construction & Parts
Numberall’s one-piece hand shank frames are constructed using heat-treated high-grade alloy steel for increased durability. The hand shank is vinyl-coated to absorb shock during operation. The hardened steel anvil is replaceable for increased longevity of the tool.

The Model 23P’s 1″ x 1-1/4″ or 1” x 2″ shank is recommended for use in most hand or power presses. For presses requiring a special round shank, please consult the Price List*. For other than round shanks, please request a factory quote. The Model 23P equipped with optional standard dovetail shank is recommended for use in our hand and power presses. By using the shanks outlined in the Price List*, the Model 23P can easily be adapted to our various platforms or stamp holders.

The Model 23 is available in numerous sizes and capacities, which start at 4 pieces and then increase incrementally by 2 pieces up to 16 pieces, depending on character sizes. We strive to maintain over 110 different sizes and capacity holders. By choosing the proper capacity, the use of blank spacers to fill voids can be minimized, thus setups can be accomplished more quickly and easily. Refer to our Price List* for different sizes and capacities.
Hot Stamping Equipment
• Extra Capacity**
• Multiple Lines**

*Our Price List can be obtained by ordering a catalog. Please consult our Length of Impression Gauge, included with the catalog, to determine character size required and associated Length of Impression.
**See Variations of Model 23 page for photos of modified Model 23 Type Holders.

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