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Numberall Unites Quality, Price, and Service

Numberall Unites Quality, Price, and Service

When your products are still in use after half a century or more, you know they are of good quality. Many of Numberall’s first products ever created are still in use, which is remarkable considering we have been around since 1930. Even more remarkable is that we can still provide parts and services for all of our products.

The true test of our products’ quality is what our customers are saying about them. We have been told by many customers who have gone to competitors for lower prices that they have come back to us because our products are of better quality. If anything, our clients save money over time because our products are long lasting, even if the initial investment is larger.

Numberall | Model 50P

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. This allows us to ship our products faster because they will be coming directly from our location in Sangerville, Maine. We are able to ship most products out the next day and special orders within 2 weeks of order placement.

One product that exemplifies our brand’s quality and service is the Model 50P numbering head. We can quote our standard Model 50P over the phone and ship it out in one day. For custom numbering heads, we can create a quote in 24 hours. Once quoted, we can modify the head to fit any machine, even those made by our competitors. All products are delivered about 2 weeks from when they are ordered.

If you’ve already ordered one of our Model 50P numbering heads, we can service it no matter how long you’ve had it. We are still servicing Model 50Ps that are over 40 years old. Even though we’ve made improvements to the Model 50P to keep up with industry standards, their quality remains the same. This makes a statement, not only about this model, but about Numberall’s brand as a whole. All of our products are fine examples of our quality, value, and service. For more information about the Model 50 or any of our products, please contact us.

Numberall Quality Lives On

You Can Still Find Our Products Working, Even From Decades Ago.

We stand behind our products quality and longevity and it shows. You can still find our older numbering heads, presses and hand stamps out in the work force and in perfect operating condition. (more…)

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