At Numberall, we offer a diverse line of quality numbering heads with specific capabilities for serializing or simply marking a product or date code on a variety of materials. However, when determining which product will best suit our customer’s needs, we often find that it isn’t obviously clear when a serializing head is needed, versus our other consecutive marking products.Numberall Tie

What is Serialization?

In manufacturing, a serial number is a unique identification code that is assigned to each individual unit. Unique serial numbers are essential for inventory management, giving each product an identity that can be tracked all the way from factory to consumer. As a process, serializing consists of consecutive character marking from unit to unit, such as P001, P002, P003, etc. If you need to mark a sequential code on each part, then serializing is likely the right marking method for you. On the other hand, if each part you are marking requires a completely new sequence, you likely do not need serializing equipment.

Model 50P Automatic Numbering Head

Which Product Works Best for Serializing?

The Model 50P automatic numbering head is ideal for serializing products that have rapidly changing sequences, such as serial numbers, which change with each new part. During the marking sequence, the actuating arms are extended and retracted to advance the head to the next consecutive number with each new product, making it the best option for automatically serializing products in high volume. Additionally, the Model 50P is compatible with a variety of optional equipment, including hot stamping equipment for marking plastics. You can learn more about this specific model in our recent blog post, The History of Numberall’s Model 50P.

Other Options for Consecutive MarkingNumberall Numbering Head 70H

A simple marking press like the Model 70 can be used to mark series that change less frequently than after every mark, such as date codes which only need to be swapped once a day. The Model 70 is used to uniformly stamp repetitive sequences with consistently uniform character alignment and depth of impression. This model stamps the same character sequence after each impression is made, unless changed by the operator using a spanner wrench (included with product). This model is ideal for marking product codes, part numbers, or date codes. The Model 70 is adaptable and versatile, which has made it popular with many industries. There is virtually no limit to the range of products that can be marked with the Model 70. 

When the marked information changes more frequently, another convenient option is the Model 80P, which is different from the 70 in that it has a quick-change feature on the last wheel in the sequence. Other wheels can also be changed using the spanner wrench. Depending on your product or date code, you may desire two or more of the wheels to offer the quick-change feature. We offer various models to accommodate this and can also create a custom numbering head based on the number of characters needed. For a more detailed breakdown of the differences of these numbering heads and their capabilities, view our non-automatic numbering head video.

At Numberall, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of high quality marking equipment to meet your business’s needs. When it comes to finding the best marking equipment to serialize your product, you can trust that Numberall has the experience to point you to the right product. If you have any questions about our serializing marking equipment, or if you would like to request a quote, contact us at Numberall Stamp and Tool today.

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