Sometimes the objects you need marked aren’t in the most convenient shapes. Squares and rectangles are easily marked with a Model 113 Strip Holder, a fixture that is able to hold rectangular-shaped tags, but irregular shapes, such as circles, dog bones, paw prints and more are a bit harder to manage — unless you have a custom nest.

At Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., we manufacture custom nests for irregularly shaped tags to make your marking process simple and efficient. A custom nest can be manufactured for most of Numberall’s platform machines (except the Model 49) and presses (except Models 301 and 301A).

Custom nests can also be used with our popular Model 40B. We manufacture different sized nests and strip holders to make operation easy – all you have to do is drop or slide the tag into the nest or strip holder and start marking.

Other irregularly shaped items that need nests are keys. If you’re a property owner who needs to mark keys with numbers that correspond with the correct property, a custom nest is a great choice.

Custom nests are simple to use and make marking easy. The shape of the tag or key is cut out of a top layer of aluminum that is then riveted to a steel base. A lip is maintained on the back edge so the standard clamp on the numbering and lettering presses or power presses can clamp the nest. On those tags, which are difficult to remove, a thumb cutout is built into the nest to aid in removing the tag.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom nest, we will need a sample of your tag with your request. We do not maintain a file, since various tag manufacturers’ dimensions can vary, and sending us a sample ensures a perfect fit. Contact us to learn more about custom nests and what we can do to accommodate your irregularly shaped object.

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