At Numberall Stamp and Tool Company, we’re always working to improve our products to better meet our customers’ needs. The outstanding quality of our products has helped us to be a leader in the metal marking industry for 85 years. One of our first products, the Model 40B, is still one of our best selling products to this day. Its lightweight, portable design makes it perfect for stamping name tags, keys, or other flat pieces in any environment. 

From the time of its invention in 1939, the Model 40B has undergone several improvements to its appearance and performance. The first incarnation of this product, the Model 40, had a different body style than those that came after it. As you can see in the photograph, the body was more slender than the Model 40A and Model 40B.

Numberall Model 40B - Marking Equipment

Since the creation of the Model 40A in the 1950s, the appearance of the machine has not changed much. More recent improvements have been made to increase ease of use for the user. These changes included a new table insert clamp, a table stop clamp, a table release lever mechanism, and an adjustable dial tension block assembly. To see how easy the Model 40B is to use, watch this video demonstration we’ve created.

Although it is easier to use than ever, the basic operation of the Model 40B has stayed the same since it was invented. To this day, this machine is operated by hand using a dial and lever. This durable construction of the Model 40B is why many of these presses are still in the field, even after decades of daily use. By having no plastic or electric parts that break and need to be replaced, the user saves time and money. In fact, much of the maintenance of the Model 40B can be done by the user. If you need help keeping your Model 40B up and running, Numberall offers spare parts and service.

The evolution of the Model 40B is what has kept it a leader in its class. Along with changes to the standard product, this press can be customized to meet the needs of the user. Custom options for this product include various sized nests, strip holders, slides, tables, racks, and character size dials. If you would like any of these custom options, please specify this when placing your order.

For more information about the Model 40B or to place an order, please contact us.

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