Model 24 Detail Chase & Punch

The Model 24 offers a quick approach to stamping multi-line data plates with removable pieces of steel type. Each unit is custom designed for the data plate. Recesses are machined for just the number of characters per line or section. Because the tag is loaded and stamped upside down, type changes can be done quickly and easily by just lifting the type out of the recess and replacing it with another. Because of the recess, the type is not retained by screws or pins. The notch on our standard steel type provides a reference point so that characters are not inserted upside down.


Some applications of our hand and power presses may be suitable. Please contact our sales engineers for assistance.

To save time, logotypes can be used for sequences that are commonly used and changed. All lines and panels can be stamped in one single stamping operation.

Ordering Information
A sample plate or blueprint is required for a factory quote along with the shank and clearances of your press.

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