Model 50P


The Model 50P Automatic Numbering Head represents the finest marking device in the industry for rapid, accurate, and consecutive numbering. Since 1935, the Model 50P has been steadily improved to become an industry leader. We are still servicing numbering head units that are over 40 years old, a true testimonial to American quality and design.

  • Ideal for rapid, accurate, consecutive marking
  • Precise wheel alignment
  • Zero suppression standard (to eliminate prefix zeros)

Marking Possibilities
The Model 50P numbering head is used by many different industries. For example, pet tag manufacturers may utilize the Model 50P’s hot stamping capabilities. When equipped with our optional hot stamping equipment and flat face gothic characters, mounted in a hot stamp press, a consecutive colored sequence can be obtained. The Model 50P numbering head can be modified in many ways to suit specific marking situations. See the Model 50P Custom Applications page to view a few of the units that Numberall has custom built.

During the marking sequence, the actuating arms are extended and retracted by an external means to advance the head to the next consecutive number. A pair of coil-return springs designed for each different frame provide the proper tension for smooth actuation. The zero suppression feature allows for the omitting of leading zeros when stamping low digit numbers. The wheels are manually pre-set to the blank position between the “0” and “1” characters on the wheels. When the number is sequenced from 9 – 10, the tens wheel is indexed automatically from the blank position to the character “1.” This procedure continues until all the automatic wheels have been advanced.

Construction & Parts
The Model 50P is constructed with a one-piece wheel and index plate, to prevent misalignment and errors that can occur with a two-piece construction. All “unit” or “ones” wheels are constructed with a thicker index plate, retaining pawl and actuating pawl prongs. All wheels are manufactured from the best heavy duty tool steel and precision heat-treated for severe usage and long life. The frame and leg widths increase accordingly with the number of wheels. The actuating pawl is geometrically designed, and the actuating arms are hard chrome plated for durability. Our exclusive pawl block aids the retaining pawl in maintaining precise wheel alignment and preventing wheel binding.

The Model 50P can be adapted to virtually any press. Our standard shank is between 1″ x 1-1/4″ and 1” x 2.” We offer a standard dovetail shank to fit our hand and power presses or Model 116 Dovetail Adapter. We can make custom round or rectangular shanks. We can omit the shank and provide tapped mounting holes or install a custom designed adapter. We can also leave the top flat so the customer can drill and tap or mount an adapter. For pricing, please request a factory quote.

See the Model 50P Optional Equipment page for details and photos.
Hot Stamping Equipment
• Air-Tripping Attachment
• Multiple Duplication Attachment
• Proportional Temperature Control
• Insulating Mounting Plate
• All wheels indexed for direct reading
• Optional character styles and other configurations

Characters on Standard Wheels*

Letters (14 division manually set only)
A B C D E F G H I J K L M and blank

Letters (14 division manually set only)
N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z and blank

Figures (10 division automatically or manually set blank half-position)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Available Character Sizes

With 1.5″ diameter wheels
1/32″, 3/64″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, and 1/8″

With 2-1/4″ diameter wheels and proportionally larger frame and parts
5/32″ and 3/16″

With 3″ diameter wheels and proportionally larger frame and parts
1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″

Maximum Number of Wheels*

1 to 12 with Standard Wheels (a maximum of 6 can automatically advance)


*Note: Custom heads can be made with wheels engraved with any character, symbol, or style. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Ordering Information
When ordering, please specify the following:
• Number of wheels
• Character size
• Wheel arrangement (from left to right)
• Number and location of automatic wheels
• Shank Requirements

Note: Consult our Price List for the number of wheels, character sizes, and non-standard shanks available. Consult our Length of Impression Gauge to determine character size required and associated length of impression. Our Price List and Length of Impression Gauge may be obtained by requesting our catalog.

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