Model 73H Heavy Duty

The Model 73H Heavy Duty is similar in construction and function to the Model 70, but is made specifically for heavy duty marking. By utilizing large diameter wheels and frames, the Model 73HD enables the operator to use more force without causing machine deflection. Also available with a Press Shank, the Model 73HD is readily adaptable to your marking requirements. Ideal uses for this press are those requiring large character sizes and multiple character wheels. For applications that require severe usage or high forces, Models 80, 83, and 85 are available with Model 73H Heavy Duty-type construction. Please contact us for pricing and availability.



Operation is similar to the Model 70. The same character sequence is retained after each impression is made, unless changed by the operator with the convenient spanner wrench.

Construction & Parts
The innovative design of the machine guarantees consistently uniform character alignment and depth of impression. Multiple wheels are held precisely in position by retaining pawls and retaining pawl springs. A retaining pawl seats the index plate on each of the one-piece wheels. This one-piece construction assures more accurate stampings than those with two-piece wheels. A pawl block further aids in maintaining wheel alignment. The wheels are engraved for accuracy, strength and alignment. Crafted from high grade tool steel, they are precision heat treated for severe usage and long life. Unlike the less-rugged designs of other manufacturers, we optimize our frame designs to be compatible with the number of wheels desired by increasing the frame and leg widths. Hand shank frames are constructed of heat-treated high-grade alloy tool steel to resist chipping. The hand shank is vinyl coated to absorb shock during the marking operation when the shank is struck with a hammer.

Hot Stamping Equipment
• All wheels indexed for direct sight reading
• Optional character styles and configurations

Characters on Standard Wheels
Wheels can be engraved with any character, symbol, or style. Please contact us for pricing and availability.
• Figures 1 to 0 – and blank (12 division)
• Letters A to M and blank (14 division)
• Letters N to Z and blank (14 division)

Ordering Information
When ordering, please specify the following:
• Number of wheels
• Character size
• Wheel arrangement (from left to right)

Note: Consult our Price List for the number of wheels and character sizes available. Consult our Length of Impression Gauge to determine character size required and associated Length of Impression. Our Price List and Length of Impression Gauge may be obtained by requesting our catalog.

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