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The History of Numberall

The history of Numberall began when Max Bayerdorffer founded the company in 1930 in Staten Island, NY. As a craftsman of bird bands, he wanted to brand his products. Along with his partner Tim Powers, Max’s creativity and craftsmanship lead to the development of the first Numberall product – a Single Wheel Rotary Stamp. As the years progressed, additional marking tools were added to the product line, including custom-built machines – some even ordered by a few of the company’s competitors.
History of Numberall
In 1963, after the passing of his father Max, Herman Bayerdorffer took over Numberall’s leadership. In 1968, another division was opened in Sangerville, ME. In 1983, the corporate headquarters was moved from Staten Island to Sangerville, where all production takes place today. In 1996, Herman’s son, Daniel Bayerdorffer, took over the leadership at Numberall, continuing the company’s mission to create the best metal marking equipment worldwide.

Numberall’s products are used in a variety of industries on every single continent. Products that you use every day may have been stamped by Numberall equipment. You can find Numberall’s markings from the far reaches of space aboard the Apollo Lunar Lander to the depths of the oceans on board this country’s submarine fleet, and from identifying tags on cattle to sophisticated electronic components in today’s marketplace—the list of products stamped by Numberall’s machines is endless.

Numberall’s equipment can be used to mark an array of components such as nameplates, tags, keys, small parts, bushings, round shafts, and completely assembled parts. Each of these components can be marked with numbers, letters, symbols, logos, and any other identifying marks. Numberall offers the equipment to mark virtually any material from stainless steel to polyvinyl chloride.

Numberall’s wide variety of marking devices has been constantly improved and updated to reflect technological advances in the industry. The thousands of Numberall products still in service after decades of use are a testament to the quality and standards that have made the company a leader in the industry. To learn more about Numberall’s products, or to request a quote, please contact us.

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