Model 47


The Model 47 is a platform that provides greater versatility than the Model 98. Because of the round column, the “sliding head” can be moved up or down for different size parts. The Model 47 can also be used for light punching, center punching, and other similar purposes. Round parts can be stamped using the “V” block. An “L” Gauge is standard and can be moved “in” and “out” to provide a locating point.



The method of operation is similar to the Model 98. The operation handle is pulled down until the marking device is in contact with the part. The shank is then struck with a hammer. This method reduces misalignment and illegible stamping by holding the marking device square with the part.

The Model 47 is compatible with many different marking devices that can be quickly interchanged:
• Models 70P, 80P, 83P, and 85P Numbering Heads
• 42 Character Dial and Shank
Model 23P Type Holder
• Special Press and Trademark Dies
• Single-Wheel Rotary Stamps (shown in Model 47 photo)
• Single Letter or Figure Stamps (not shown)

The Model 47 Can also be used as an Arbor Press for small part removal or inserting.

It also can function as a Thread Tapping Device for Proper Alignment of the threading tool to the hole. Call for a quote on this version.

Model 110 Universal Name Plate Holder
Model 113 Strip Holder
Universal Key Nest
Custom Nest
• Slotted “L” Gauge for universal key positioning
• Extra-long column

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 in

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