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Product Spotlight: Rotary Stamps

Product Spotlight: Rotary Stamps

Numberall Stamp and Tool Company is proud to offer products that meet all of your marking needs while saving you time and money. Our rotary stamps are ideal for low-volume marking of individual characters or dates. They are handheld, portable tools that can be used on any job site. This is why they are frequently used to mark boundary lines, utility pole tags, and keys.

Numberall - Rotary Stamps - Model 36B

No matter what the task, our rotary stamps save you time. By using our Single Wheel Rotary Stamp, you eliminate searching for up to 40 individual hand stamps. Single wheel rotary stamps are available individually, as a letter set in a convenient plastic pouch, or as a deluxe set packed in a sturdy wooden box. The deluxe single wheel rotary set contains three individual hand stamps, for a total of 40 characters. Even though we offer sets of characters, you can order the size and number of characters you need.

Best of all, these characters are easy to change by simply rotating the character wheel with your thumb and forefinger. To determine where you will be marking and in which order the characters will appear, the wheels are indexed with the character configuration on the side of the wheel facing the user. Along with saving you time by being easy to use, our rotary stamps make your markings more accurate.

If you will only be stamping a date with a month and year, like a manufacture date, we offer the Model 36B Rotary Date Stamp. This stamp only uses the characters required for four-digit date codes (MMYY). Originally designed for the battery industry, it can be used on any item on which a date code is needed. The Model 36B can be used for years to come as replacement wheels are available for future dates.
Numberall Stamp and Tool Single Wheel Rotary 1939

Beyond accommodating future dates and marking tasks, our rotary stamps are truly built to last. Made from high quality, heat-treated alloy tool steel, these stamps can withstand decades of severe usage. To ensure that each product meets Numberall’s high quality standards, each product is carefully inspected and tested throughout the manufacturing process.

Like any of our products, our rotary stamps can be customized to your specifications. You can order different characters or shanks depending on how you plan to use your rotary stamp. Please make sure to specify which options you’d like when placing your order. If you already own one of our rotary stamps, we also offer replacement parts and service. All of these services make up Numberall’s commitment to serving you from the time you place an order through the lifetime of your product. If you would like to place an order or have additional questions about our rotary stamps, please contact us.

How to Space Text Using Model 40B

How to Space Text Using Model 40B

Numberall Stamp and Tool Company is proud to offer solutions for all of your marking needs. The Model 40B is a popular choice for stamping data tags or pet ID tags. The Model 40B will single space, double space, or not space at all depending on how you adjust the machine. Here is how to adjust your machine or space the text.

To start, here is how to space text using Model 40B:

Numberall Space Text Using Model 40B

  1. Before making any adjustments, make sure you don’t start stamping the line with the first pull of the operating handle.
  2. Push the table over, then pull the handle down until you hear a click. Go about halfway to produce a blank space.
  3. Return the handle and turn the knob to the desired character to start stamping.

If you need to make adjustments to Model 40B for spacing, here is how you will make them:

  1. Remove the entire table assembly. To do this, push the red handle down and pull the table off to the left.
  2. Check the tip of the spacing pawl. It should have an edge on it and not be rounded over. If it’s rounded over, you can use a file to put an edge on it.
  3. Move the red handle up and down to ensure the spacing pawl moves up and down. If it doesn’t, you may have a missing spacing pawl spring.
  4. Turn the table over and check the spacing rack to ensure that the teeth are the same all the way across. They shouldn’t have any grooves or worn spots in them.
  5. Make sure the friction spring is installed on the spacing rack.
  6. After examining the spacing pawl and rack, the spacing adjustment screw may have to be adjusted.
  7. Turn the depth of impression screw out to ensure the press is making a complete stroke and make sure you’re hitting the tab.
  8. If the spacing adjustment screw needs to be changed, loosen the lock nut with a 7/16 wrench. After making adjustments, remember to tighten the lock nut.
  9. If double spacing, turn the screw out to raise the table at the resting position.
  10. If not spacing, turn the screw in to lower the table to the resting positon.

At Numberall, we’re proud to design equipment that is adjustable to the customers’ needs, saving them time and money. If you need help making these adjustments or with anything else related to your machine, we’re happy to help you. We offer advice on how to use all of our products. For more visual learners, we’ve created a series of videos to do this. If you have any questions about the Model 40B or would like to place an order, please contact us.

How to Use Numberall’s Model 301 to Stamp Round Parts

How to Use Numberall’s Model 301 to Stamp Round Parts

No matter what shape or size the item you want to mark is, Numberall Stamp and Tool Company has a machine for you. Flat pieces are the most common items that are stamped but we also have equipment to stamp round parts. Our Model 301 is the most economical solution for marking round or cylindrical parts.

Numberall Model 301

Here is how to use your Model 301 to stamp round parts:

  1. Set the opening of the holding fixture by turning the handle and tightening the clamp.
  2. Place the part on the adjustable holding fixture. The part will rotate in the fixture as the marking device is pulled across the part.
  3. Move the sliding head over the part. Turn the adjustment knob until the marking device touches the part.
  4. Preset the stamping depth by moving the adjustment knob in or out.
  5. To mark the part, pull the handle backward, then forward. You can mark in either direction.
  6. At the end of the stroke, change the part and repeat the process on the return cycle.

Before you begin stamping, you will need a marking device to use in the Model 301. Fortunately, many of our numbering heads are compatible with it. The Model 23 Type Holder, Model 70P Non-Automatic Numbering Head, and Model 50P Automatic Numbering Head can be used in the Model 301. The Model 301 also comes in an air powered version that uses a pneumatic cylinder rather than being operated manually by the user. When placing an order, please specify which of these options you would like. If you have any questions about how to use Model 301 or any of our other products, please contact us.


Product Spotlight: Model 94 Press

Product Spotlight: Model 94 Press

Numberall Stamp and Tool Company designs metal marking equipment that is easy to use, and tough enough to handle any task you use it for. Our Model 94 Press is a prime example of these qualities. This press is best suited for stamping codes in which each part requires a different code. Its mono-character wheel with automatic character spacing makes this press easy to operate.

Here is how easy it is to use the Model 94 Press. If you’re a visual learner, you can follow along in this video demonstration.

Numberall Model 94 Press

  1. First, place the item to be stamped under the 3 clips.
  2. Loosen the table screw and move the table in or out based on where you want to start your line. The table is also adjusted up or down for the proper depth.
  3. Adjust for depth of impression using the knurled nut on the bottom of the press.
  4. Pull the handle down halfway and slide the table over to the right to start your line. Return the handle to the top of the stroke.
  5. Do not stamp on the first stroke of the handle. Bring the handle down half way, to produce a blank space, return the handle to the top of the stroke. You can then start to stamp on the next pull of the handle.
  6. Rotate the dial with your hand to the character you want to stamp.
  7. Pull the lever down to mark, then pull it up to space.
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 to finish your line.
  9. For multiple lines of text, once you finish a line, loosen the thumb screw and move the table in and align for the next line. Tighten the screw and repeat steps 4 to 8.

Along with being easy to use, the Model 94 is built to last. Its character wheels are engraved for accuracy, strength and alignment. Crafted from high grade tool steel, they are precision heat treated for severe usage and long life. Heavy duty cast iron construction is used throughout the machine. All parts are machined and no die cast parts are used. Various nests, strip holders and slides can be custom manufactured for use with the Model 94 Press. If you would like these custom parts for your machine, please specify this when placing your order. To learn more about the Model 94 Press or to request a quote, please contact us.

Numbering Head Model Comparison

Numbering Head Model Comparison

At Numberall Stamp and Tool Company we offer a variety of products to meet your marking needs. Our numbering heads are a prime example as they are used to directly mark on the item you are stamping. We offer three models of these products known as our Model 80P, 83P, and 85P.

Numberall Numbering Head Model Comparison

If you’ve narrowed your selections to these products, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Here is a numbering head model comparison to help you:

1. Model 80P is our one-wheel quick change. By rotating the knob, you can quickly rotate your ones digit only. You can go either direction. You use your spanner wrench to rotate your other wheels. It is good for low-volume serial numbering.

2. Model 85P is our two-wheel quick change. To operate, you slide the wheel shaft to the right and rotate the knurled knob to rotate your ones wheel and slide the wheel shaft to the left and rotate the knurled knob to rotate the tens wheel. You use your spanner wrench to rotate the other wheels. Along with the Model 80P, it has the wheel s indexed for direct sight reading on the wheels that can be rotated with the knobs.

3. Model 83P has two versions. The first has 12 wheels requiring two selector buttons. The second has less than 6 wheels and one selector button. To use, turn the selector button to the wheel you want to change, slide the wheel shaft till it hits the selector button, rotate the knurled knob to rotate the wheel. Repeat for the other wheels you need to change. It has the wheels indexed for direct sight reading on all wheels.

All of these numbering heads can be customized to your needs. Options include different character sizes, number of wheels, wheel arrangements, and letter wheels. They can be used manually or in a power press. To be used manually, all models come with a vinyl-coated hand shank. If you are choosing to use the device in a press, it can be customized to any type of power press. When placing an order, please be sure to specify the options you would like. If you would like to place an order or have additional questions about our products, please contact us.

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