How to Secure a Bitcoin Wallet

Are you a Bitcoin user? The private keys and addresses within this cryptocurrency system are highly secure, but storing them for your own use may present a problem. For those wondering how to secure a Bitcoin wallet, we’ve come up with a solution. At Numberall Stamp...

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Order Your 2018 Date Code from Numberall

As the weather gets colder here in Maine and the month of November marches on, we’re reminded of the fact that 2017 is ending and we’ll soon welcome a new year. If you have a Numberall machine and regularly use your date code stamp for materials, now is a great time...

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Need to Mark Keys or Pet Tags? Custom Nests Offer a Perfect Fit

Sometimes the objects you need marked aren’t in the most convenient shapes. Squares and rectangles are easily marked with a Model 113 Strip Holder, a fixture that is able to hold rectangular-shaped tags, but irregular shapes, such as circles, dog bones, paw prints and...

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Why You Should Choose Indent Marking for Your UID

A UID, or unique identifier, is used on various objects for a specific purpose. Three types of UIDs include serial numbers, random numbers and names or codes. These UIDs are sometimes required by law, or are used for internal organizational systems. For example, UID...

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5 Videos of Numberall Machines in Action

Are you a buyer who prefers to shop with visual aids? If so, we at Numberall Stamp and Tool Co., Inc. have developed a variety of videos of Numberall machines. From the Numberall 40B, our most popular metal marking machine, to the Model 50P, for stamping serial...

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How to Order the Model 40B

Are you interested in ordering a machine, but not sure where to start? If you’ve been wondering how to order the Model 40B, or any other machine, this blog series will help guide you through the process. We’ll start this series with information about how to order the...

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