Numberall Staff Spotlight: John French

For nearly 90 years, Numberall has provided custom stamping tools for clients around the globe. We attribute this longevity to our high-quality marking products and also to the hard work and commitment of our employees — some of whom have been working at Numberall for over three decades. Topping the list is John French, who is going on almost five full decades of employment with Numberall. To celebrate his achievements, we’ve dedicated this staff spotlight to John and his accomplishments.

Numberall Staff Spotlight: John French

John French began his 49 year career at Numberall in 1970. While John started out in a machine shop in Waterville, he soon found himself wishing to cut back on his commute. Numberall was closer, and the rest is history. Since 1970, John has held several positions at Numberall, getting his hands on nearly every piece of equipment Numberall has and developing a broad skill set. John has operated surface grinders, Blanchard grinders, milling machines, and drill presses, to name a few. This versatility, combined with a willingness to take on new tasks, has made John one of Numberall’s most valued employees. While day-to-day John works with a variety of machines depending on project needs, his favorite is the milling machine, where he gets to see products come to life through the old-fashioned processes he’s known and used his whole career. Above all else, John takes pride in making modern, high-quality products using tools such as these, and is always ready to overcome any challenge that comes his way.

Numberall Staff Spotlight: John French
Staff Spotlight: John French | Numberall Blog

As the longest-standing Numberall employee, John has seen many changes in the building and operations, as well as three generations of Bayerdorffer leadership. However, he isn’t in poor company — many Numberall employees have been with our team for 35 years or more, creating a tight-knit team that feels like a family. This feeling of “togetherness” is one reason that John has dedicated almost 50 years to working at Numberall. He says that working at Numberall is a true team effort — working together to understand projects and meet each client’s needs. John is an integral part of our team at Numberall and the togetherness that John explains is one of the many reasons why we have been able to produce marking equipment for 89 years.

How Numberall’s Metal Marking Presses Can Save You Money

Here at Numberall, we know that marking devices can be costly for small and large businesses alike. At times, it may seem like a more cost-effective strategy to purchase low priced tools that will “get the job done.” However, you might be surprised to find that even businesses with low production demand end up saving money in the long run when they use Numberall equipment, especially with our line of presses. Compared to others on the market, Numberall’s presses are significantly higher quality, can save valuable floor space, and offer versatility for a number of marking uses.

How Numberall’s Metal Marking Presses Can Save You Money | Numberall Blog

We prioritize quality to ensure that our customers have products designed to last a lifetime. You’ll find that many imported presses are made using round column construction with a spring release marking force, which may result in a harsh impact shock. However, Numberall’s presses are built with cast iron “C” frames for distortion-free stamping with a smooth, static non-impact marking force. The large quick-change dovetail ram evenly distributes the marking force across the marking device frame with minimal stress. We also pride ourselves on the fact that Numberall’s presses do not have die cast parts. It’s because of the durable design that consumers will be guaranteed their Numberall press will last longer than competitors and produce a better mark.

Numberall’s bench-top presses are not only higher quality, but are economical as well. The Model 136A is just one example of an economical press which offers benchtop mounting capabilities in order to save valuable floor space and keep larger presses free for other work. This press has a compact design and can be easily mounted on a workbench for easy and efficient marking. With more space for other projects, our customers will be able to increase productivity in the workplace.

At Numberall, we know that compatibility and versatility are important factors to our consumers when purchasing equipment, which is why our presses are designed for virtually any product. Our presses’ capabilities range from marking nameplates and other flat objects to marking round parts with even impressions. We even help to increase compatibility by developing custom parts and fully servicing all products, even those dating back to the 1930s–a benefit that our competitors do not offer.

We realize that cost is an important factor in your decision-making process, but when it comes to metal marking equipment that you’ll use for years to come, purchasing durable, economical, and versatile presses like ours is actually less expensive in the long run. Even businesses with low marking production will find the benefits of Numberall’s presses to be unmatched.

For more information about our presses, or to request a quote, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our products or services.

Visit the Numberall Exhibit at EASTEC 2019

Visit the Numberall Exhibit at EASTEC 2019

At Numberall, we value our customers and have a long history of manufacturing quality and durable marking products. This is one of the many reasons why we enjoy attending EASTEC in West Springfield, Massachusetts. By participating in EASTEC, we have the opportunity to personally meet with many of our customers and learn more about their needs. Our goal is to continue to provide quality solutions to your metal marking needs.

EASTEC 2019 will feature over 700 exhibitors, technical presentations, workshops, and keynote speakers, which makes it the perfect place to advance your manufacturing expertise, learn from industry-leading suppliers, and discover new manufacturing trends. If you have any involvement in the manufacturing industry, this is a must-attend event!

This year, we welcome you to visit us at booth #1142 where we’ll have examples of our marking tools that you can handle, in addition to various sample parts that have been marked with Numberall equipment. Come see some of our popular equipment in action, such as the Model 40B, the Model 301A with Model 50P stamping round parts, and the Model 136A stamping screwdriver handles. Daniel, Alexander, and Rick will be in attendance and will be happy to meet you and discuss your marking needs. We encourage you to bring a sample of your product if you have a specific marking application that you would like to discuss. You can also take home a copy of our product catalog, complete with pricing and a length of impression ruler for reference.

Join us at EASTEC 2019 on May 14th-16th for FREE!

Visit our landing page on the EASTEC website to claim a free floor pass and make sure to stop by our booth #1142 to learn more about Numberall Stamp & Tool Co. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Benefits of Choosing Numberall Stamp and Tool Company for Your Marking Needs

When it comes to metal marking, we know that there are a number of different considerations to find the best fit for your marking needs. Whether it’s high volume consecutive marking, or low volume marking, Numberall has equipment that can help you mark efficiently and effectively. At Numberall, we want your decision to be easy, which is why we make it our priority to offer a number of benefits for you, our customer.

The Benefits of Choosing Numberall Stamp and Tool Company for Your Marking Needs | Numberall Blog


At Numberall, our products are made to the highest quality standards. All tool steel that Numberall uses is certified for quality and origin to ensure every product meets our high standards. The result: many of our customers are still using our marking equipment over 30 years later – a testament to the quality of our products.


Because we know that each of our customers has a unique need for our tools, we offer the ability to customize our products to work with existing equipment. We can also create custom fixtures for marking odd shapes and sizes. The Model 301A custom holding fixture we designed and created to mark CO2 bottles is a perfect example of our versatility and commitment to find solutions for our customers.

Made in the USA

At Numberall, our products are made in the United States and we stand behind them without hesitation. While imported products have a typical eight to twelve-week lead time, Numberall’s products have a much more rapid production time and can be ready to serve your business much quicker. On top of this, our customer service department is located right here in the U.S., making it easy to answer any comments or concerns you may have about our products.

If you’re thinking about purchasing new metal marking equipment, consider these benefits. We realize that cost is an important factor in your decision-making process, but when it comes to metal marking equipment that you’ll use for years to come, purchasing durable products like ours is actually less expensive in the long run. Think about the benefits of our durable, custom, American Made products, and remember, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you need. For more information about our products, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our products.

Numberall Staff Spotlight: Alexander Bayerdorffer

From the very beginning, Numberall has been a family-owned and operated business. In 1930 Max Bayerdorffer founded Numberall, and over the next 89 years the Bayerdorffer family has been at the heart of the business, passing the torch from one generation to the next. The latest is Alexander, Max’s great grandson, who started working at Numberall full-time just two years ago– but his history with the company goes back much further than that.

Staff Spotlight: Alexander Bayerdorffer | Numberall Blog

Growing up, Alexander always knew he wanted to work at Numberall. As early as age 6, Alexander was already sweeping the floor and stuffing product catalogs to earn a bit of pocket money. By middle school, he was assembling rotary stamps just the same as Bayerdorffers four generations before him, taking pride in his ability to assemble stamping tools in under a minute’s time. His passion continued to grow in high school, when he started working summers and study halls for work experience, rotating into different shop departments to gain first-hand knowledge of every process and product in the shop. In college, Alexander studied mechanical engineering to further his understanding of machining, and when he came back he spent time in the Numberall front office to understand how the flow of paperwork affected the business, from quotes to sales to deliveries.

Today, Alexander spends his days creating drawings and schematics, programming software, and designing products, as well as taking older Numberall designs from paper to digital. One recent project Alexander worked on was an order of custom CO2 bottle marking equipment, requiring the customization of Numberall’s Model 301A roll marking press to fit the customer’s needs. When the company received this order, Alexander took charge of the process from design to product creation, ensuring that the client received a product that fit their specifications.

For Alexander, it’s this part of the job that’s most fulfilling. “Every single day I get to do something brand new, whether it’s a new product, finding old drawings and giving them new life, or finding ways for the employees to have easier jobs. My job allows me to do something new everyday and that’s what I love about it.”

It’s this same sense of dedication and love of exploration that sets Alexander apart and carries on the Bayerdorffer legacy. We here at Numberall look forward to Alexander’s continued growth as he moves forward into his engineering career.

Numberall’s Custom Application to Mark CO2 Bottles

Numberall’s Custom Application to Mark CO2 Bottles

Numberall Stamp and Tool Company is proud to offer high-quality stamping equipment to mark a number of materials in many different industries. Despite our versatile product line, we often are tasked with creating a custom marking application for a customer who has a unique marking need.

We recently had a customer reach out to us who needed to mark CO2 bottles. While our standard Model 301-A roll marking press is the best solution for marking cylindrical products, our customer required the mark to be angled on the neck of the bottle. Numberall’s solution was the design of two special holding fixtures to accommodate different sizes of CO2 bottles, utilizing our standard 301-A Press.

Numberall’s Custom Application to Mark CO2 Bottles | Numberall Blog

Numberall’s design makes marking the bottle simple. The operator places the bottle on the holding fixture and tightens the bolts in place on the bottom and sides of the bottle using an Allen wrench. To mark different points on the bottle, the fixture can be rotated. The knob at the top allows easy adjustment of the depth of impression by first setting the touch point on the center of the bottle and then giving the knob a half to a three quarter turn to tighten. The 301-A press uses simple air operation to mark the bottle in just a few seconds. Two set screws can be loosened to interchange fixtures to accommodate a different bottle size.

To see our custom marking solution in action, view the video below:

Our custom application for marking CO2 bottles is just one example of the many ways we can customize our products to meet your needs. If you’re not sure which product will work best for you, or if you’d like to discuss a custom solution, contact Numberall Stamp and Tool Company today.

Numberall Celebrates 50th Year Operating in Maine

If you’re familiar with Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., you likely know that we have a long-standing tradition of manufacturing high quality marking equipment right here in the U.S. In a couple short years, we’ll celebrate nine decades since Numberall’s founding, but this year we hit a different milestone—Numberall’s 50th year operating in the great state of Maine. (more…)

How to Mark ID Tags for Hunting Dogs with the Model 40B

With autumn well under way, many of us are entering hunting season. For those of us bringing our four-legged-friends with us, we know how important it is to ensure everyone makes it home safely after the hunt—that’s why placing an identification tag on your hunting dog is an absolute necessity. (more…)

Order the 2019 Date Code Die

With fall colors painting a beautiful scene for us here in Maine, we are reminded that we too soon the holiday season will be upon us and not long after that we will celebrate a new year. If you have a Numberall machine and require date code stamps for your products, now is a great time to get your order in for the 2019 die and beat the holiday rush. (more…)

Numberall’s 3 Different Metal Marking Presses and Their Capabilities

Numberall’s 3 Different Metal Marking Presses and Their Capabilities

At Numberall we offer several roll marking, bench top, and numbering and lettering presses to meet our customers’ varying needs. Some models are available in hand-operated, air-operated, and motorized versions to suit a number of different situations. Here is a breakdown of 3 different types of Numberall metal marking presses and their capabilities: (more…)

Numberall Staff Spotlight: Rick Pellerin

For a company that has been around for nearly 90 years, we attribute our longevity not only to the high-quality marking products we manufacture, but also to our devoted employees, many of whom have been with us for over a decade. We want to introduce you to these people who make it all happen, as well as give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Numberall operates in our new staff spotlight series. (more…)

Product Spotlight: Model 50P

Rapid, accurate and consecutive marking requires a machine that works precisely and efficiently, and requires minimal effort from the operator. Our Model 50P was developed over 80 years ago and is ideal for rapid, accurate and consecutive marking required by a variety of industries, including tag manufacturers. (more…)

3 Metal Marking Fixtures for Custom Applications

3 Metal Marking Fixtures for Custom Applications

At Numberall we believe it’s important to create models with our customers in mind; however, there are always special needs to take into consideration as well. Because every business is unique and requires machines with certain capabilities, we’ve designed a variety of metal marking fixtures that can be combined with many of our models. (more…)

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