metal marking industryWith a new year comes new challenges – challenges we’re excited to take on as a leader in the metal marking industry. As 2016 comes to a close, we thought it important to reflect on the many tips and tricks we’ve provided and projects we’ve worked on throughout the year – and what you can expect to see from us in the future.

We started off 2016 by reintroducing blogs on our website with the history of Numberall. Numberall began when Max Bayerdorffer founded the company in 1930 in Staten Island, NY. Eighty-seven years later, we’ve grown, increased our capability, and changed location, but Numberall is still operated by the Bayerdorffer family and dedicated to creativity and craftsmanship in the metal marking industry, which leads us to our next blog of the year – a product spotlight on one of our bestselling machines.

Numberall Model 40B

Model 40B with sample tags.

A leader in its class, the Model 40B can be traced back to Numberall’s early years in the 1940s. The Model 40B was our first “product spotlight.” We created various posts throughout the year about this product because of its popularity, but we were sure to include information about our other machine as well, like the Model 94 Press, , and our final product spotlight about rotary stamps – handheld portable tools that can be used on any job site. Spotlighting our products gives us the opportunity to offer customers an in-depth look at our machines. We plan to continue our product spotlights in 2017 and feature machines used for various metal marking tasks.

Our dedication to providing our customers with important information regarding Numberall Stamp & Tool Co.’s machines extends beyond these product spotlights. We’ve also written blogs dedicated solely to spare parts and maintenance for a couple machines, including the Model 50P and Model 40B. It’s important to us to provide instructions about how to keep our products in the best shape possible so we avoid receiving modified parts that are beyond our help, like this Model 70H numbering head we featured in October.made in the USA

In early 2016 we provided a few blogs about our quality, price, and service, as well as our place as an industry leader. We also recently provided a blog focusing on why our products are made in the USA. These blogs were important because of their focus on Numberall’s integrity and qualifications – factors that every customer should consider before making an important purchase.

Scattered throughout the year were “how to” blogs, including posts about how to pick the right product, how to determine the proper character sizes to suit your marking needs, how to use our Model 301 to stamp round parts, and how to make your equipment last with character cleaning picks. These “how tos” are useful resources for customers who have already purchased their product. We plan to continue writing useful “how tos” in 2017, and we also hope to continue providing posts about our customized products, such as the 11 division wheel, and our most recent project, a custom Model 136A press.

In 2017 we plan to bring you blogs that are more specific to certain industries, such as the firearms industry, the jewelry industry, and more. We also hope to provide information about current trends and developments in metal marking, as well as information about what we see for the future of metal marking industry.

We would also love to get your feedback. What did we miss? What do you wish we had written about and why? How can we better serve you through this platform? Send us a message through our contact form, or give us a call to let us know what we can do better. We look forward serving you in 2017 and thank you for your patronage!


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